Payment Solutions for Health & Beauty Businesses

Payment Terminals, Webshop Solutions, and Technical Advice

Enhance your customer journey - with payment solutions from CCV

If you own a hairdressing or beauty salon, you want to be able to focus on your customers and the customer experience in your salon. You make sure that your customers look good and leave your salon with a pleasant feeling. Then of course you don't want to have to worry about payment. We ensure that your customers can pay quickly, easily and safely.


Our top payment solutions for you

Payment Terminals

For every business the right payment solution

We provide fixed countertop and mobile payment terminals, making sure you can accept a variety of payment options on location. Whether your customers prefer to pay with, PIN, mobile wallet, or QR code – CCV’s payment terminals ensure that you’re ready.

Mobile Payment Technology

Mobile payment - everywhere

From WiFi and 4G enabled mobile payment terminals to software-based solutions for your own smartphone or tablet, CCV will make sure you can receive payment on the move. Many of our solutions are perfect for beauticians and hairdressers who visit clients in their own home.

Webshop Platform

Connect your offline with online business

Diversify your revenue streams with CCV Shop, our world-class eCommerce platform. Sell goods and services online, CCV will handle hosting, support, and the online payment process. We provide an all-in-one webshop solution for your beauty and health business.

Our features - Your added value

Support & Advice

At CCV, we understand that each healthy & beauty business is unique, and we’re here to help. Your success is our success, so we’re proactive about giving you the support you need at the right time. We help you serve customers energetically, efficiently, and even more successfully.

Health & Beauty Knowledge

We’ve been working with health & beauty businesses for decades. Our team is experienced in helping beauticians, hairdressers, salons, and health spas navigate the complex world of payment. CCV will help you choose the optimal solution for your unique needs.

Omnichannel Coverage

From physical in-store payment (with our Android solutions or SalesPoint app) solution to (CCV Shop) webshop transactions, CCV technology will integrate everything you need to succeed. Later on the insights platform, MyCCV, will give you a holistic view of omnichannel transactions and performance data.

Ready to find out more?

If you want to get your business up-and-running with the latest payment technology, get in touch with CCV today. Our experts will guide you through the process, and help you pick out the best solution for your budget and needs

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