Build your payments integration

With our APIs we make it simple for you to initiate a payment from your application.

Optimizing your customer journey

From the first orientation on a product to the payment. Every consumer travels along this road while shopping. From a merchant point of view this road is full of drop-out moments. Using our flexible payment APIs merchants can optimize their payment process, in store, online and in self-service settings.


Use our online payments solution on your website and mobile app, and start accepting payments with cards, wallets, and local payment methods. Integrate our online payment API to give your shoppers the option to pay with their preferred payment method, all within a seamless checkout experience.

POS integrations

Whatever your business, if you need a point-of-sale that is perfectly tailored to your needs, the CCV terminal API offers you the tools you need. It's easy to configure and can be used with cloud based systems or in your local network. It is fully PCI compliant and used by many POS integrators.


There has been a considerable shift towards cloud-based e-commerce platforms over the last 2 years. More and more sectors including retail and B2B merchants see the advantages of subscription-based platforms. The international CCV Shop platform offers partners a webshop API to access a marketplace of over 17,000 merchants.

Five easy steps 

We make it easy for you

Connect and go-live:

  • Sign-up
  • Integrate your application
  • Test and/or certify
  • Request production access
  • Go live!

Expand your business

Give customers the right payment methods and expand your business online and offline

Convenient payments

Today's customers make no distinction between offline and online experiences. They want the experience that fits their needs.

Excellent experiences

Provide an excellent customer journey on every sales channel with a flexible payment platform.

International growth

We help power businesses in many European countries and across multiple industries.

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