Payment solutions for startups & early-stage businesses

Affordable and scalable payment technology for starters

Equip your business with payment solutions from the start

To start a business, you need to overcome lots of hurdles. Payment doesn’t have to be one of them. With CCV as your experienced and trusted partner, you can start accepting payment quickly, conveniently, and affordably – whether you’re selling offline or offline.


Our top payment solutions for you

Fixed & mobile payment terminals

The right payment terminal for every business

CCV provides startups with a variety of affordable countertop and mobile payment terminals . Our packages cover all startup budgets, giving you access to world-class hardware and the expert support you need to maximise revenue and grow your new business.

Smartphone and tablet solutions

Innovative and future-proof solutions

Our secure software-based solutions for smartphones and tablets allow you to use your own hardware to accept digital payment via contactless (NFC), QR code, or eCommerce transaction. Perfect for pop-up shops and individuals who want to get started right away.

Webshop platform

Connect your offline with online business

With CCV Shop, you get an all-in-one webshop solution for your business. For a fixed monthly fee, you can choose a package that suits your needs, add your own branding and start selling online products overnight in a professional and user-friendly online store. Easy!

Our features - your added value

Omnichannel coverage

From physical in-store payment (with our Android solutions or SalesPoint app) solution to (CCV Shop) webshop transactions, CCV technology will integrate everything you need to succeed. Later on the insights platform, MyCCV, will give you a holistic view of omnichannel transactions and performance data.

Innovative payment technology

We’re constantly pushing our technology to new heights, adapting to evolving consumer habits and positioning our startup partners to maximise their potential. We make payment happen, and get you started with reliable, flexible, and market-leading hardware and software.

MyCCV: giving you total visibility on transactions

When you choose CCV as your payment partner, you get access to MyCCV – your own digital portal where you can monitor transaction data throughout your business. The portal is evolving and will show you in the nearby future full visibility on payment patterns, buying trends, and new opportunities in one easy dashboard.

Ready to find out more?

If you want to get your business up-and-running with the latest payment technology, get in touch with CCV today. Our experts will guide you through the process, and help you pick out the best solution for your budget and needs

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