Payment solutions for mobility & self-service industries

From vending to parking, public transport to e-mobility. We have the right payment solution for you.

Our solutions for the mobility and self-service industry

Are you looking for future-proof and reliable payment modules for your self-service solution with suitable, user-friendly software? Are you active in mobility-driven industries or do you operate vending machines? Then you've come to the right place. Discover our payment solutions for your business.


Visitors park in your parking areas because they are guaranteed to find a space and be near their destination. And they expect the same degree of convenience at the payment (machine) too. With CCV, it is no problem to provide it to them. Our solutions are simple and extremely fast, making queuing a thing of the past and ensuring satisfied customers and repeat business for you.

Public transport

CCV provides world-class self-service payment solutions for public transport – from ticketing terminals to access gate technology, and payment systems for facilities such as public toilets. We can set you up with an integrated open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid payment environment.

EV charging

With CCV, you can open up your EV charging network to subscribers and non-subscribers. We help you future-proof your charging stations with contactless payment terminals, QR code systems, web-based payment portals and integrated account-based solutions.

Service and fuel stations

We provide payment solutions for fuel stations and service stations. From self-service fuel pumps to EV charge points, vending machines and manned kiosks, we will optimise your whole payment environment to maximise convenience and improve customer loyalty.


Confectionery, chilled beverages – some products sell themselves. Particularly if the payment process is quick and easy. Improve the customer journey and equip your vending machines with cashless payment systems from CCV.

Mobility of the future

Mobility of the future

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