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The in-store point-of-sale (POS) has undergone a change. Today, consumers and merchants are using more technology to simplify their experience, including payment. However, the standalone POS terminal’s role in payments is not fundamentally changing; it will remain the primary payment device for most merchants and consumers for many years. What is changing is how the POS is used and what it is capable of. With our API you are in the driver seat, making this happen.


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The new checkout

Many retailers are taking a closer look at all aspects of their operations to significantly improve the customer experience, while also cutting costs. As a result modern POS systems have changed radically from simple card acceptance to a crucial piece of the in-store retail experience.

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Payment integration

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The CCV Payment Terminal API lets you integrate the payment touch point with your point-of-sale. For the end-customer a convenient and modern check-out experience is guaranteed.

  • Payment terminals for every sales environment
  • Web portal for managing terminals
  • Easy terminal integration: Cloud or locally
  • One setup for self service kiosks
  • Aquirer of your choice

Self-service kiosks

Self-service solutions are helping businesses improve transaction efficiency and enhance the customer experience. Using the online payment API you will be able to securely acceptance of all payment methods—including EMV, magstripe, and NFC/contactless—without the need of a cashier or attendant.


Opting for the convenience of an integrated payment solution in combination with POS software let your customers pay quickly and securely.  Partners that need a certified and tested solution for their POS can get access to the payment terminal API through our regional partner manager.

mPOS integration

Start a payment flow directly from your own app. The mPOS API transfers payment information to a (mPOS) terminal in the local (wifi) network of the merchant.
Available as an Android or IOS app,
including payment initiation and
payment results.

Boost your business

Supporting our partners and creating a smile, that's what I love doing the most. With our API toolkit, it is easy to support our business partners. A payment initiation is a simple request-response. For the more complex customer journeys I can offer a set of testing tools and personal support.