Mobile solutions

Bring the checkout to your customer with a contactless mobile payment device.

Whether you’re selling on the road or serving people in your restaurant, a mobile terminal from CCV can help redefine how you handle payment. Instead of counting cash or directing customers to a fixed register, you get to close sales there and then with a simple tap or swipe.

Discover our range of mobile terminals

CCV Fly Next

Introducing the CCV Fly Next

The CCV Fly Next has always been geared towards the mobility-driven industries with its basic functions: long-lasting battery, large touch display, WiFi and 4G module.

  • Easy to use via the colour touch screen
  • Contactless checkout via card, smartphone and smartwatch
  • E-receipt solution: payment receipt transfer via QR code scan

CCV Mobile Premium

Introducing the CCV Mobile Premium

The CCV Mobile Premium is one of the most compact and functional mobile terminals, which also shines with an extraordinarily elegant and high-quality design.

  • Flexibly switch between WiFi and 4G connections
  • Durable, powerful battery - perfect for mobile use
  • User-friendly backlit keypad and 3.5" colour touchscreen display

Why is a mobile terminal the perfect solution for you?

Reclaim floor space

If space is at a premium, a mobile payment terminal can be a game-changer. Don’t give up precious real estate to a bulky fixed POS (point-of-sale) system; use a contactless-enabled mobile PIN device and streamline the payment process in every sense of the word.  

Sell where you stand

Ideal for the hospitality industry, mobile payment devices can also help retailers, roaming traders, and delivery services. It allows salespeople to complete consumer transactions , improving customer service and experience (and reducing queues) at the same time.  

Benefit from the software features

Just because customers pay with their card doesn’t mean they can’t reward you or your employees for outstanding service. Mobile payment terminals are equipped to accept tips, meaning less cash to handle for everyone involved. 

Important questions

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Mobile payment devices are, as the name indicates, "mobile". They can be taken along and used regardless of location. With an integrated SIM card, the internet connection is guaranteed - even on the road. For delivery services, taxi drivers, merchants at weekly markets, wait staff in cafés and restaurants, for snack bar owners as well as for craftsmen, a mobile payment device is particularly well suited.