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Payment is a complex field that keeps changing and evolving. Modern payment methods are secure, efficient and seamless and they have become the norm for more and more consumers,   - but how can we make these solutions available to more businesses of all sizes and their consumers? And what can we do to ensure that these digital payment solutions don’t isolate those who are not familiar with them and still rely on cash?

Payment no longer stands alone - it is deeply intertwined with customer loyalty, sustainable behaviours, marketing activities, and many other key aspects of commerce. Learn more about this interconnectedness in payment in our new trend report for 2022.

In our Get inspired App Magazine, we have compiled a colourful mix for you with exciting use cases from different industries and markets. Let us inspire you - discover a slice of countless business opportunities with Android-based payment terminals and apps.

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2020 was a year we won’t soon forget. Full of disruption to our everyday lives, it also permanently transformed the payment landscape.  In CCV Pulse 2021 we explore these trends in detail and explain how they will impact your business, wider markets, and consumer behaviours.

Discussing the future of payment. Missed one of the sessions of CCV Exchange 2020? Here you can find all the recordings of round table discussions that took place during our digital event. Get comfortable and enjoy the latest payment know-how from the comfort of your chair.

Throughout human history, we’ve constantly developed new ways to assign value and exchange goods and services. From the bartering of livestock in ancient times to the standardised concept of currency - payment is constantly evolving. We now stand on the edge of an exciting future. Download your ultimate guide to payments.

Mobility is changing, and fast. Innovation is happening everywhere – from public transport to parking and the private vehicle sector. Technology is impacting journey planning, travel, payments, and more. This slideshow features industry-leading experts who give their own view on the latest trends in mobility.


CCV started the CCVStore – a special app market place for use on payment devices. Applications can be installed on the CCV Mobile A920 and the CCV IM30, via the largely established Android operating system


Decrease fraud and increase your conversion by implementing SCA for your online creditcard payments. As owner of a business with an online presence, you need to configure your online payments to make sure your customers can experience a safe and convenient payment process.

Customers are looking for a shopping experience that is smooth and effortless and the method of payment can – in many cases - make it or break it. The new decade is bringing a solution to this problem. Learn more about the 6 key payment trends for 2020.

As a businessperson, you know that technology has changed everything. Every industry has been disrupted – and yours is no different. Check out our free trends report and find out which technology is best for your business.

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Ease magazines on trends and innovation in the unattended payment solutions for Public transport, Vending, Parking, Service stations and EV-charging.