Integrated solutions

CCV PIN pads are the perfect addition to your POS system!

Easy to integrate at any cash desk, connection via OPI (Oracle Payment Interface) or ZVT (German: Payment Terminal) cash register interface to the cash register system of the chain store - of course certified according to the current standards such as PCI PTS (Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security) and DK TA 7.2 (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft - German Banking Industry Committee - Technical Annex 7.2) - these and many other features characterise our PIN pads.

Discover our range of integrated terminals

CCV Pad Next

Introducing the CCV Pad Next

High performance PIN pad with a large screen and a detached contactless reader.

  • Large display for easy signature capture
  • Front camera for reading QR codes / barcodes (1D / 2D) (prepared)
  • Detached contactless reader, so the display is not covered during payment

CCV Pad Q25

Introducing the CCV Pad Q25

Perfect entry-level PIN pad with hardware power.

  • Cutting-edge payment technology
  • Super fast and space-saving thanks to future proof hardware features
  • Well organised at the cash desk, thanks to the single-cable solution


Introducing the CCV Pad

Easy to place, handy and future-proof PIN pad with a touchscreen for signature capturing.

  • Fits perfectly at any cash desk
  • Handy and easy-to-use PIN pad is easy to place at any checkout counter
  • Colour touch screen suitable for signature capture

These companies already use our integrated terminals:


CCV Pad integrated into CEWE photo stations

Together with its partner CCV, CEWE has integrated another important component into this omni-channel concept with the option of cashless payment - instead of at the checkout - directly at the CEWE photo station.


Cashless payment in Tchibo stores, thank to the CCV Pad

The handy CCV Pad is used at more than 1,400 checkout locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Tchibo stores and ensures a smooth, cashless payment process.

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Why is an integrated terminal the perfect solution for you?

Faster Payments

Long queues can be an obstacle to sales. The sight of one can be enough to stop customers from entering your store. But with CCV’s PIN pads, it’s an obstacle that can be overcome with ease. Process sales quicker than ever before, keep queues short, and refocus on customer experience.

The right PIN pad for every checkout counter

We have the right PIN pad solution for every cash desk. Depending on the space availability at the checkout counter, you can choose from our PIN pad portfolio the one solution which fits the best. Our PIN pads are all certified according to the latest security standards and features state-of-the-art payment technology.

Easy integration

Easy and quick integration into your existing cash register system thanks to ZVT or O.P.I cash register protocol.

Important questions

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PIN pads are particularly suitable for cash points that have a checkout system and thanks to the automatic amount transfer, it is particularly suitable for high-traffic checkouts in retail stores.