Our Story

Unlocking the power of payment. Together.

CCV was founded in Arnhem, the Netherlands, in 1958 by Cor and Bep van de Velden. What back then started as a small-size accounting firm, would grow out to a full-service international payment provider over the years that followed.

From facilitating the first electronic payments in the Netherlands in the 70s, to offering the first mobile payment terminals there and enabling next-gen online payment services throughout Europe from the 00s and onwards; CCV has always been a pioneer in payment.

Our successes are based on our forward-thinking and dedication to entrepreneurship; we always understood the challenges of entrepreneurs and made a conscious effort to make a difference for their business. And we still do today.

Today, CCV is evolving into a new era in payment once again. We are now counting more than 900 employees based in three countries and are serving entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes throughout Europe and beyond.

But in our core, we’re still the genuinely customer- and people-oriented family business that we started out as. We’re privately owned and care about our growth as a company equally much as we care about the growth and well-being of our employees, our customers and society at large.

Our milestones

At CCV, we believe that ‘getting paid’ is more than just a transaction; it is a proof of personal success that reinforces businesses, families and the communities they live in. That’s why we make payment easy and accessible for both small and bigger entrepreneurs.

For over sixty years, we’ve been empowering businesses and people through payments. And through ingenuity, courage, innovation, perseverance and hard work, we have reached many milestones.


Computercentrum Cor van de Velden (CCV) founded  


CCV is the first to introduce a semi-automated accounting system in the Netherlands


CCV enables first electronic payments in the Netherlands


CCV introduces first payment terminals 


CCV introduces first card-based loyalty programme


CCV introduces first mobile payment terminal in the Netherlands


Start of further expansion through acquisitions in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium  


CCV facilitates first online payments  


CCV starts processing Dutch PIN transactions


CCV builds own data centre  


CCV launches next-generation terminals with Android OS  


Giant step forward with cloud-kick transactions (transactions that are initiated through the cloud instead of a local network)