Gift Card and Loyalty Solutions for Cities & Regions

Digital & Physical Gift Cards, Loyalty Schemes, and Rewards for Residents.

We provide the back-end and front-end technology for towns, cities, and regions to support their local economy with gift card schemes and loyalty programmes for residents. Using CCV’s solutions, you can encourage localised spending and stimulate growth for local businesses.

Gift Card Platforms

CCV provides the infrastructure for cities and regions to issue digital and/or physical gift cards to residents. We handle the whole scheme setup and give you back-office access to track the data that matters. Our gift card solutions are simple to use for both the local merchants and their customers.

Loyalty Programmes

We can set up your loyalty programme from scratch, either as a standalone initiative or integrated with other schemes, cards, or vouchers. Residents can build up points when they spend locally, and you can encourage them to repeat the custom at local businesses in your city or region.

E-Money and Top-ups

CCV provides cities and regions with the technology to issue e-money to residents and visitors. This is a perfect solution for local events, where visitors can top-up and spend without cash or bank card. We can help municipalities boost e-money spending by integrating loyalty and offers.

Merchant-friendly Solutions

Our gift card platforms and loyalty programmes are easy-to-use for your local merchants. They simply download a free app to scan QR codes, or enter the 16-digit code on the gift card. We can also offer gift cards with contactless NFC capability – and online redeeming is even easier.

Flexibility and Customisation

We can offer plenty of out-of-the-box solutions, but we know that each municipality is unique. Therefore, CCV will take a customised approach to your gift card scheme or loyalty programme. Our personalised service will ensure that you stimulate your local economy in the right way.

Consultancy and Support

CCV has worked with cities and regions all around Europe, so we have the experience to guide you through the challenges of setting up a gift card or loyalty scheme without breaking the bank. We will help you set up wisely, securely, and with maximum impact for local merchants.

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