Turn your own device into a payment terminal

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Who isn’t looking for easy and mobile payment acceptance these days?
SoftPOS is an innovation that allows merchants to accept contactless payments through an Android app on smartphones, tablets or handheld devices. This way, any NFC-enabled Android device can turn into a full payment terminal, without needing additional hardware.

With CCV SoftPOS, customers pay by tapping their contactless debit or credit card or their smartphone or smartwatch with Google Pay or Apple Pay onto the merchant’s device.

This opens opportunities for any business, small and large, that wants to accept card and mobile payments with added flexibility.

Pilot CCV SoftPOS

The large retail chain Hema is testing this solution in three stores right now. Other enterprises will follow soon.

  • Accept contactless payments on smartphones, tablets or handhelds
  • Easy download of the app in the Google Play Store
  • Certified according to the latest security standards

In which industries can CCV SoftPOS help boost cashless payment?


Benefit from a quick, straightforward and affordable solution for contactless card and digital wallet payments. CCV SoftPOS removes the barrier to accept electronic payments for even the smallest businesses.

Medium-sized & large retailers

Enable more shop assistants to take card payments everywhere in the shop. CCVSoftPOS provides a seamless customer experience and cuts down on checkout queues.

Restaurant & cafés

Simplify your ordering and payment process with just one device. CCVSoftPOS makes Pay at the Table solutions your new standard.


like festival organisers, food trucks and street vendors, usually don’t like to hold large sums of cash. CCV SoftPOS provides a mobile solution that doesn’t require additional investments when they’re already using any Android device.

Delivery & logistics

Benefit from the possibility to accept payments on the same device as they use for planning routes or scanning products. CCV SoftPOS could offer new opportunities for. food delivery, supermarkets and the delivery of goods.

CCV SoftPOS x Samsung

CCV SoftPOS x Samsung

Why is CCV SoftPOS the perfect solution for you?

Small businesses

SoftPOS (short for: Software Point Of Sale) offers an affordable and user-friendly alternative to mPOS (mobile Point Of Sale) solutions. While mPOS relies on an extra piece of bluetooth-connected hardware, SoftPOS can be downloaded via an app store like the Google Play Store. This makes it directly available on the user’s smartphone or other handheld device - without investing in dedicated payment hardware.

Large businesses

SoftPOS offers superior flexibility. During peak times, CCV SoftPOS can be a space- and time-saving alternative to enable queue busting. Even for exhibitions, shows or conferences, with the solution you can scale up without requiring additional payment hardware.

Today many enterprises have equipped their staff with handheld devices or tablets already. Such devices are like mobile minicomputers, which run on the Android operation system. Advantages are that they are robust, durable, often they have a camera or barcode scanner and multiple business applications can be used on it – and now also SoftPOS.

Safety first and foremost

Our CCV SoftPOS solution is, just like all of our other payment solutions, certified according to the latest security standards such as PCI, SPoC*, CPoC** and compliant to Mastercard Tap on Phone and Visa Tap to Phone specifications.

* Software-Based PIN Entry on Commercial Off-The-Shelf devices (COTS)

** Contactless Payments on COTS


Payment methods supported by CCV SoftPOS

CCV SoftPOS works just like a conventional POS payment terminal. The main accepted card brands include all types of Visa and Mastercard debit and creditcards (including Maestro and V Pay). Payment wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay also allow contactless payments with smartphone or wearables (e.g. smartwatch).

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