Payment solutions
for your vending machine

Grow your vending business with smart payment systems.

Consumer trends are evolving following the demand for more convenience, healthier eating, a more natural acceptance of digital technology, and indeed - a demand for automated self-service. Vending machines have the potential to be the ultimate modern solution by combining total convenience with appealing products. This will ensure the best chance of growth in a thriving and competitive industry.

Grow your vending, self-service brand with smart payment solutions

Confectionery, chilled beverages – some products sell themselves. Particularly if the payment process is quick and easy. At CCV we ensure that it is. And we use smart connected vending to simultaneously streamline your business processes, ensuring even more satisfied customers and repeat business for you.


Our top payment solutions for your vending machine

IM15 series

A compact terminal for the unattended market

A compact terminal for the unattended market, which fits perfectly to all kind of Vending machines.

  • Compact design
  • Contactless reader & virtual PIN-Pad
  • It accepts open loop (like girocard) & closed loop payment systems
  • It’s secure based on the highest industry standards


The game changer in cashless payment

This terminal runs on a self-contained, secure version of Android, with countless possibilities for customisation and use of applications.

  • The Android-based platform supports endless possibilities
  • You can use online tools to limit machine downtime and increase operability
  • Features high-end security which surpasses industry standards


The contactless duo

Offer your customers fast, convenient and hygienically safe contactless payment. Whether it's at a snack machine, the e-charging or petrol station, or in the parking segment.

  • The control module that has everything under conrol
  • Two variants for a wide range of applications: Contactless reader COR
  • Acoustic and optical signals support the payment process

OPP-C60, SCR-C and COR

The convenient payment solution

Equip your self-service solution with this unattended payment module and offer your customers cashless, contactless, hygienically secure payment.

  • A future-proof solution: various installation sizes
  • Perfect combination with PIN pad, chip and magnetic strip reader SCR-C and contactless reader COR
  • Suited for indoor & outdoor use: easy to read - even in direct sunlight

Our features - Your added value

Cashless vending

Fewer people carry cash, and this has changed the vending industry forever. With CCV vending solutions, you can accept contactless (NFC) bank cards and mobile payments. Cashless vending increases your sales and improves your efficiency.

Smart vending

Integrate contactless payments with connected (IoT) technology to optimise supply and maintenance, control dynamic offers, and improve the customer experience. CCV technology will help you move towards smart connected vending.

Varied vending

CCV payment solutions help you scale internationally. We work with European brands in healthy vending, food & drink refreshments, coffee machines, ticket machines, cigarette machines, micro markets, and even public photo booths.

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CCV for all of your payments

With more than 60 years of payment experience we offer every organisation the right payment solution.

We are at home in many industries with 650,000 terminals in the European market. We enrich the customer journey.

Meet the CCV IM30

Meet the CCV IM30

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