CCV’s Self-service payment solutions

Unattended payment modules for your self-service business.

With CCV’s range of ultra-modern terminals, you can seamlessly integrate a cashless solution into your existing unattended payment environment with ease.

Discover our range of self-service terminals


The game changer in cashless payment

Android-based terminal for your self-service solution

  • The intuitive touchscreen user interface provides consumer confidence
  • Cutting edge security measures meet the strictest of international standards
  • Share advertising and communications, while collecting valuable business data


The contactless duo

The contactless duo for your self service solution

  • Sleek, space-saving design. Can be implemented indoors and outdoors
  • LED status bar and tone signal indicate if the payment process has been successful
  • Meets the highest security requirements


The convenient payment solution

A proven and popular unattended payment solution

  • Perfect combination with PIN-Pad, chip and magnetic strip reader and contactless reader
  • An easy-to-read screen - even in direct sunlight
  • Available in two installation dimensions: Compact & Standard

CCV Edge IM15

A compact front mounted terminal for the unattended market

A compact terminal for the unattended market, initially designed for EVCharging, but will be available for other market segments also.

  • Front mounted with a compact design
  • Contactless reader & virtual PIN-Pad
  • It’s secure based on the highest industry standards
  • Available in two installation dimensions: Horizontal & vertical

CCV Frame IM15

A compact flush mounted terminal for the self-service market

  • Flush mounted with a compact design
  • Contactless reader & virtual PIN-Pad
  • It accepts open loop (like girocard) & closed loop payment systems

Why is a unattended terminal the perfect solution for your business?

Minimise vandalism

Switching to an integrated cashless solution keeps payments secure and the hardware that supports them, too. If your unattended terminal carries less cash (or no cash at all), it’s less likely to be subject to vandalism, theft, or damage.

Future-proof terminals

Payment trends are developing rapidly. From cash to card reader & PIN pad to contactless, customers expect a speedy and secure payment experience no matter the method. Future-proof your unattended systems and meet their expectations.

Reduce waiting times

Bring cashless payment to your unattended system and watch waiting times tumble – and sales increase. Customers can pay quickly, with a tap or a swipe of a contactless card or mobile device, keeping queues short and everyone happy.

These companies have already preceded you:

RSE Elektroanlagen & Carfunkel car wash

Virtual Coin Solution with the CCV InSync C

The Carfunkel car wash in Erding now offers its customers the simple, fast and hygienic option of cashless, contactless payment. The CCV InSync C card reader with the special “virtual coin” configuration is installed in the machine from RSE Elektroanlagen.

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CCV has a variety of proprietary payment technologies made for various use cases in the self service industry. From pure contactless payment to a fully comprehensive payment device with chip, magnetic and contactless reader, our portfolio contains the perfect solution for your self service business.