Smart Android payment solutions

Think one app ahead! With our Android-based payment devices, you will reach the next level in payment.

Equipped with an Android operating system, you can not only use the Android payment terminals for cashless payment, but also create countless possibilities through B2B apps.

Discover our range of Android-based terminals

CCV Mobile A920

Mobile payment terminal

The CCV Mobile A920 terminal is as easy to use as your smartphone, perfectly fitted for mobile use. In addition to the payment application, you can install helpful B2B apps.

  • Perfect for mobile use - thanks to a powerful battery, integrated printer and a large touchscreen
  • Secure: features high-end security which complies with industry standards
  • Front and rear camera, e.g. for reading QR codes & barcodes

CCV Fly A77

Mobile payment terminal

Future-proof hardware paired with Android operating system and our numerous software features result in a great all-rounder for the point of sale.

  • One device for many business transactions: Extending the functions through Android apps
  • Integrated barcode & QR code scanner on the device head
  • Certified according to the latest safety standards

CCV Nexus Pad A35

The Future of PIN Pads

The CCV Nexus Pad A35 is a cutting-edge smart PIN Pad designed to revolutionise the way you handle transactions in your business.

  • Tailored to Retail: Customize your payment solution to perfectly align with the dynamics of the retail industry, integrating your business apps effortlessly.
  • Future-Proof: Stay ahead with hardware built for tomorrow's needs.
  • Unleash Versatility: More than just payments - it's a powerful business assistant.


Self-service terminal

The CCV IM30 is not only a payment terminal, but can also be customised for a variety of business cases based on the Android operating system.

  • Intuitive: helps to secure operability and to establish trust with consumers
  • Secure: features high-end security which complies with industry standards
  • Intelligent: offers numerous possibilities to communicate and advertise to your customers

Get inspired - with our App Magazine

In our Get inspired App Magazine, we have compiled a colourful mix for you with exciting use cases from different industries and markets.

Why is an Android terminal the perfect solution for you?

Be one app ahead!

Don't just use the great hardware features of our Android-based devices, but also minimise the number of other solutions you use. Whether it's a cash register, an extra screen or more hardware. Thanks to Android, you can still use the solutions you need (e.g. a POS solution or loyalty programmes) as an app on your Android-based terminal.

More data security with the OS "PayDroid"

The payment application and the Android operating system are separate from each other. PayDroid, for example, does not allow access to the card reader and does not access any sensitive card data. Google also does not gain access to data, neither during the payment process nor from other installed apps.

Best-in-class security

Our Android-based operating system features the latest hardware & software security certifications. All B2B apps pass through an internal review process before being published in the CCVStore.

Watch our Video about Android

Watch our Video about Android

Your day-to-day benefits of using an Android smart payment terminal

Are you looking for a solution that is more flexible, easier to use, future-proof and offers you more possibilities than just payment?

Read more about the advantages and added values you have working with Android smart payment terminals.

Discover our App partners and become one!

With our Android app partners, we realise exciting app solutions for a wide variety of use cases and industries like retail or vending. The apps are used on our Android-based payment terminals and make everyday business easier for many merchants.

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For everyone, actually. Through the apps, the Android POS terminal offers the perfect solution in a wide range of industries - be it the reversal of purchases, apps for delivery staff, or payment by instalments for high-priced products.