Solutions for Large Retail & Commerce

Future-proof payment terminals, customised software solutions & great value-added services.

Our solutions for large retail & commerce

With 60 years of experience in the payments industry, we offer payment hardware and software solutions that make the payment journeys of both chain retailers and small local retailers more convenient for their customers. From PIN pads with cash register connectivity and industry-specific software solutions to digital gift cards and loyalty programmes for cities, regions, and towns to revitalise city centres: our payment portfolio has the right solution for every company size and industry. Get to know them!

Large Retail

In chain stores, speed is of the essence in the checkout process, and this includes the payment process. Reliable, future-proof terminal hardware with suitable software therefore plays an even more important role. CCV has been active in this field for many years and offers excellent solutions for retailers.

Cities & Regions

We provide the back-end and front-end technology for towns, cities, and regions to support their local economy with gift card schemes and loyalty programmes for residents. Using CCV’s solutions, you can encourage localised spending and stimulate growth for local businesses.

Hardware & Software

CCV can provide the hardware you need for manned points-of-sale and self-service machines, but we also handle the software and technical back-office integrations. Thanks to our customised approach, no mobility payment environment is too complex for our team.

Business Services

CCV helps you launch and maintain connected business services that keep customers engaged – such as loyalty programs, gift cards, e-money, and webshops. With our APIs and back-end systems, you’ll have a flexible, integrated infrastructure and a holistic view of transactions.

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