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Electric cars are on the rise. And as a result, the demand for charging stations is too. In today’s economy where many services are easily accessible and costs are transparent, it’s no surprise that electric drivers have high expectations. Being able to pay for power usage in a fast and reliable way is precisely what electric drivers are expecting. We have developed a solution tailored to the needs of all modern drivers: a smooth customer experience, fast and easy payment and perfectly aligned with your processes.


There are now more electric cars on the road than at any point in history. And this growing industry is driving unprecedented demand for charging stations across Europe — and beyond. To meet this demand, charge point operators need to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience. EV drivers now expect to park, charge, pay and go without obstacles or delays. CCV’s smart payment solutions are tailored to the modern EV driving experience. Fast, user friendly, and perfectly aligned with your processes and technology, we make paying for charging easier than ever before.

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Discover the latest trends in e-mobility on the 13th of June
in our webinar hosted by our mobility expert Pieter Peene.

In this keynote webinar we will present the latest innovations and strategies for seamless direct payments for EV Charging and much more!

Our top payment solutions for EV charging


This terminal runs on a self-contained, secure version of Android, with countless possibilities for customisation.

  • The Android-based platform supports endless possibilities
  • You can use online tools to limit machine downtime and increase operability
  • Features high-end security which surpasses industry standards

CCV IM15 series

Unattended self-service payment terminal for contactless payments.

  • PIN on glass | It enables contactless payments with PIN on demand
  • Compact | the all-capabilities design fits even into standard cut-outs
  • Connectivity | it connects anywhere with its multiple built-in interfaces

In-app payment

If your customers can manage their EV charging via your app, we can help you integrate secure payment.

  • We deliver easy and secure in-app payments through tokenisation
  • Remove payment friction from the charging experience
  • Build brand loyalty and incentivise repeat usage


With this cloud technology solution we realise a simplified integration for a faster go-to-market.

  • Simplified integration with OCPI
  • Cloud-based communication: Seamless connection with CPMS backend, with any CCV payment terminal.
  • Standardized integration: Drastically reduces setup time.

QR code payment

With our QR solution, display a unique QR code on the charger. Your customer scans the code and pays using their mobile device

  • A low-cost way to open closed charging systems to new customers
  • No additional hardware required
  • Display dynamic prices on a mobile website

Learn more about Cloud-Connect

Simplified payment integration for EV Charging with OCPI.

Building on our legacy of excellence, CCV introduces a suite of cutting-edge products tailored to meet the unique needs of charging point operators (CPO's). The latest addition of these solutions is our web-based Cloud Connect platform.

In our whitepaper you will learn more about our Cloud Connect solution and the values it adds to your EV Charging stations.

Our features - Your added value


Save paper, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver complete session & transaction transparency with our electronic receipts.

QR Solutions

Offer customers discounts, coupons, or freebies via a dynamic, on-screen QR code. Ideal for service stations and large retailers.

Fully Integrated

We integrate your EV-Charging payment solutions with back-end systems, and provide you with valuable insights into sales and transaction data.

Open & Closed Loop Payments

Whether you want to open up payments for ad-hoc users, or keep the system closed for loyal customers, CCV will provide the technology you need.


Our payment technology will ensure you can accept every customer’s preferred type of payment.

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Delivering EV charging solutions, together.

We work closely with EV charging integrators to enhance the payment user experience. Learn how to become a CCV partner integrator.

Mobility journey with the CCV IM30

Mobility journey with the CCV IM30

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