It's All About Co-creation

Partnership between PAX Technology Limited & CCV Group

"Since 2012, CCV Group, along with its subsidiary companies, is an official partner of PAX Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as PAX) and it is in direct cooperation with PAX to market PAX products in Germany and Benelux. CCV Group has proved to be a professional and vigorous partner of PAX through its excellent business achievement."

Andrew Wu, VP EMEA Region PAX Technology Limited


CCV is partnering with PAX Technology in a global joint venture for the development and distribution of self-service terminals: CPayond. Through the partnership we guarantee:

  • A pioneer in self-service payment and payment software development joining forces with a global player in the development and production of high-quality POS terminals.
  • Future-proof, certified payment terminals tailored to global markets.
  • Strong cooperation in development of new terminals adapted to local and global market needs.

It began in 2012

CCV and PAX partnered up in 2012 when CCV became a distribution partner for attended PAX terminals on the European market. At that time, we were still developing and overseeing the manufacturing of unattended terminals ourselves. Our many years of experience allowed us to develop the unattended product range OPx, the secure card reader SCR, and the contactless readers named COR, as well as the payment software. Our unattended product family – many updates later – is still being installed successfully in many self-service markets.

9 years of partnership

150.000+ terminals

Worldwide in use

It's about co-creation

As both PAX and CCV wanted a stronger foothold in the unattended market, we decided to join forces. Cpayond is the 50/50 owned joint venture between CCV and PAX. Together we have developed unattended terminals like the IM30 and IM10 and we co-create hardware specifications.   

PAX Technology is leading in terminal hardware development and certification and can provide scalable high volume production capacity. CCV offers the best payment software development and terminal management softwareThis unique combination of skills accelerates both parties time to market and enables us to enter new markets and access different geographical areas.  

Big things are happening in the field of unattended payment


This terminal runs on a self-contained, secure version of Android, with countless possibilities for customisation and use of applications.

  • Offering enhanced customer journeys
  • Promotions, reduce operating costs and total costs of ownership
  • Features high-end security which complies with industry standards
  • Allow new business models & use cases

Learn more about the CCV IM30 HERE.

More unattended terminals co-created / developed in the CPayond joint venture to date:


Please get in touch with us via the contact form for more information about this product.



Find more information to the CCV OPM-C60 & COR.



Find more information about the CCV OPP-C60 & SCR-C.


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