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2012: Start of Cooperation

"Since 2012, CCV Group, along with its subsidiary companies, is an official partner of PAX Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as PAX) and it is in direct cooperation with PAX to market PAX products in Germany and Benelux. CCV Group has proved to be a professional and vigorous partner of PAX through its excellent business achievement."

Andrew Wu, VP EMEA Region PAX Technology Limited


2018: Foundation of CPayond!

As PAX Technology and CCV wanted a stronger foothold in the unattended market, both companies decided to join forces in 2018.

PAX Technologies is leading in terminal hardware development and certification and can provide scalable high volume production capacity.

CCV Group offers the best payment software development and terminal management software.
This unique combination of skills has enabled CPayond to enter a broad range of markets with innovative self-service products , from Vending to EV charging & more.

2023 & beyond!

In 2023 we celebrated 5 years of co-creation through our joint-venture, since its foundation we can celebrate a number of achievements, from launching new products to servicing new markets

Serviced thousands of terminals

5 years of co-creation 

Global sales and distribution network

Discover our unattended terminals co-created in the joint venture


Our latest addition added in 2023 is the CCV Edge IM15, which is the perfect payment complement for your EV charging station. Combine hardware, software, processing and acquiring by CCV and empower your EV charging station.

  • Pin on glass
  • Compact
  • Adaptable
  • Connectivity
  • One exit point for all cards

Unattended terminals co-created in the CPayond joint venture to date



Give your customers the full scope of payment options with our touchscreen IM30 terminal. Combining contactless, magstripe, and PIN entry in one place, paying for EV charging has never been easier.

Find more information to the CCV IM30.



The contactless duo for easy, fast, and secure contactless payments. Offer your customers fast, convenient, and hygienically safe contactless payment. Whether it's at a snack machine, the e-charging or petrol station, or in the parking segment.

Find more information to the CCV OPM-C60 & COR.



Equip your self-service solution with this unattended payment module and offer your customers cashless, contactless, hygienically secure payment. Our OPP-C60 is equally suited for indoor and outdoor use, thus resisting wind, weather, and vandalism (thanks to IP 65 protection class).

Find more information about the CCV OPP-C60 & SCR-C.


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