Payment Solutions for Petrol & Service Stations

Self-service payment terminals for fuel, facilities and shops.

Travellers need to fuel their vehicles and fuel themselves — and this happens at a service station. CCV provides self-service payment solutions for fuel, vending, drink dispensing and EV charging. This technology can be integrated with manned shop terminals to create a cohesive payments environment.

Grow your brand with smart payment solutions

Service stations have been a vital part of our infrastructure - facilitating long journeys and providing motorists with a place to take a break while travelling. The service station of the future will be almost unrecognisable, due to trends in mobility and new technologies. This will also affect payment methods and processing. At CCV, we provide you with the right solutions to become future-proof.


Our top unattended payment solutions for your business


The game changer in cashless payment

This terminal runs on a self-contained, secure version of Android, with countless possibilities for customisation and use of applications.

  • The Android-based platform supports endless possibilities
  • You can use online tools to limit machine downtime and increase operability
  • Features high-end security which surpasses industry standards

IM15 series

A compact terminal for the unattended market

A compact terminal for the unattended market, initially designed for EV Charging, but will be available for other market segments also.

  • Compact design
  • Contactless reader & virtual PIN-Pad
  • It accepts open loop (like girocard) & closed loop payment systems
  • It’s secure based on the highest industry standards


The contactless duo

Offer your customers fast, convenient and hygienically safe contactless payment. Whether it's at a snack machine, the e-charging or petrol station, or in the parking segment.

  • The control module that has everything under conrol
  • Two variants for a wide range of applications: Contactless reader COR
  • Acoustic and optical signals support the payment process

OPP-C60, SCR-C and COR

The convenient payment solution

Equip your self-service solution with this unattended payment module and offer your customers cashless, contactless, hygienically secure payment.

  • A future-proof solution: various installation sizes
  • Perfect combination with PIN pad, chip and magnetic strip reader SCR-C and contactless reader COR
  • Suited for indoor & outdoor use: easy to read - even in direct sunlight

Our features - Your added value

Fuel Payments

Unmanned fuel stations have become more popular in recent years. CCV provides the self-service payment solutions for petrol and diesel pumps. We give you peace of mind about security, and allow your fuel to be purchased using contactless bank cards, smartphone wallets and more.

EV-Charging Payments

With the shift to greener modes of transport, service stations are installing new electric vehicle charging points. CCV will help you adapt for interoperability by opening up EV charges for ad-hoc payments. You can open up your EV charge points for ad-hoc customers and regular charge-scheme members.

Shops & Facilities

CCV’s payments technology can be integrated into vending machines, self-service drink dispensers (hot or cold), and facilities such as toilets — for automated cashless access. We can also bring self-service and manned terminal transactions into one holistic payments environment.

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We are at home in many industries with 650,000 terminals in the European market. We enrich the customer journey.

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Mobility journey with the IM30

Mobility journey with the IM30

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