Give credit where credit is due. We have become a market leader and an international enterprise of stature thanks to wonderful collaboration with reliable partners. We have always invested in these relationships.

Our partnership philosophy

As market leaders for decades, we know everything that is going on in our field. We understand the technology to the smallest detail and have already recognised tomorrow’s possibilities. This all follows from being firmly rooted in our market. We understand which trends are fleeting and which developments are truly very exciting. We know stakeholders by name and are fully aware of what they have to offer. And they've long known us to be a solid partner. Our special position enables us to establish smart alliances.


We collaborate closely with all kinds of partners. Our network includes international banks, network providers, credit card companies, and transaction processors (also known as acquirers). We also work with various chain partners, from POS software suppliers to parcel delivery services. After all, payment is now inextricably linked to the broader purchasing process and overall customer experience. As a result, we are involving clients more often in a process of co-creation. For example, many are collaborating in our efforts to develop new omnichannel payment services.