Convenient payments

In 2025 75% of your customers will pay through their mobile device.

New retail is about convenient commerce

Mobile apps, wallets, tokenization, loyalty, Point of Sales, eCommerce: your customer does not care! It’s all about the seamless experience convenient commerce can provide for your customer. Using our Online Payments API convenience is guaranteed of your customer

At your fingertips

Payment is about convenience and security. It’s a positive experience for customers and one that is hardly noticed. For merchants invisible payments is about removing the current payment obstacle from your customers experience. It’s also
about preventing the loss of sale. And the great thing is… with our API its on your fingertips.

CCV Token Service

In control and compliant

The CCV Token Vault lets you be in control of the customer journey across channels. It can be used in a web, store, app environments. But even at your traditional POS.

  • Unlimited identification of your customer
  • Storage of tokens without PCI issues
  • Access for PCI payment credentials

More about CCV Pay

The CCV Pay platform has integrated payment methods and acquirers to one hub and offers a communication interface (api) for payment initiation and services. It's the software platform for online and in store business.
The API is open for partners to create their own business model. SME and Corporate clients can CCV Pay to and integrate with their own POS, website and app, or use the Mobile POS solution and Webshop of our SalesPoint suite.

CCV Plugins

Easily connect your webshop

Running CCV Pay from your Magento, Woocommerce or other webshop system is possible with our integrations. For more details on the options please contact our sales representatives.

  • Connect your shopping platform with CCV
  • All popular payment methods in EU available
  • Security of your customers payments guaranteed

Boost your business

“Todays customers make no distinction in offline and online experiences. They want the experience that fits their needs at every moment in time. Shops, bars and restaurants recognize this and offer more self-service options in store, for example  through kiosks. Using our Online Payments API, both integrators and corporates can connect their website or app to a traditional payment terminal. This makes it very convenient for customers, because they use their bank or credit card to pay.”