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We understand that every payment counts in the retail world, and giving customers a smooth experience is crucial. That’s why we work closely with retailers to optimise payment processes, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales. Plus, we know major retailers benefit from a dependable, innovative, and experienced partner for tailor-made omnichannel payment solutions.

CCV has been a leading payment partner in the international market for 65 years, offering all-in-one payment solutions that transform the retail experience. Discover some of the latest solutions here, and learn how you can give your customers the optimal payment experience.

Cutting-edge payment technologies

What sets CCV apart is our endless commitment to innovation and knowledge development. Our solutions reflect the latest developments in the industry, meaning our customers always have access to cutting-edge technologies and strategies. We provide the advanced tools and expertise to support your business and help create sustainable long-term growth.


CCV SoftPOS makes it possible to accept contactless payments on handheld devices simply and quickly. Anytime, anywhere. This means you can improve customer service by combining advice with payment processing, and allows you to be flexible during peak times. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Discover more about CCV SoftPOS below.


Simple, fast and flexible

What's Next In Retail Tech

MediaMarkt use case

Future-proof your retail business

Meet the requirements of the market like PCI with solutions from CCV

As payment terminals may no longer be sold and installed due to expiring certifications,
it is essential to understand the impact on your business. Why is this happening and
what impact will it have?

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Tokenisation replaces traceable card data with a secret ‘token’ that provides a wealth of options for better payment experiences. Customer data is kept completely anonymous, while still providing recognition, insights, and valuable data for marketing purposes. This technology is used to power card-linked loyalty (which is hugely beneficial to retailers) and other solutions.

Our features - your added value

Point-to-Point encryption

The Point-to-Point Encryption Standard (P2PE) aims to facilitate the path to faster, successful PCI-DSS (PCI Data Security Standard) certification for merchants with a widespread retail network.

Payment-as-a-service solution

Our "Payment-as-a-Service" philosophy embraces the point-of-sale as a holistic infrastructure. No matter whether you have 50 checkout stations or 1,000 - you retain an overview of all your payment terminals and can control and maintain them centrally.

Reliable software partner

CCV provides reliable software solutions that are developed in-house and supported by a team of specialised experts. You will always get the assistance you need, we are your knowledge partner.

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