CCV Connect:
Our Loyalty & Rewards Platform

For Merchants, Cooperations, and Municipalities

As many as 81% of customers say they’re more likely to return to a trader if it provides a loyalty scheme. Whether you’re a merchant, a cooperation, or a municipality trying to encourage local spending, CCV’s loyalty and rewards platform will keep you connected to your customers.

Why Choose the CCV Loyalty Platform?

Large Retail Merchants

In a competitive landscape, large retailers must encourage loyalty and repeat business. With CCV, your customers can save points and access discounts or perks, enabling you to keep them engaged. You can also track buying habits and preferences, and tailor offers to each person.


Cooperatives and Collectives

Customers benefit from shared loyalty, and for SMEs and startups, collaboration is a way to challenge more established competitors. CCV’s loyalty platform gives you a scalable platform for loyalty and rewards, which you can apply across various different partners in your cooperative.

Municipalities and Regions

CCV’s loyalty program works perfectly for city marketing purposes. To encourage spending with local merchants, municipalities can use our technology to deliver physical or digital loyalty cards, and offer residents discounts or perks for local shopping, parking, and leisure activities.


Why Choose the CCV Loyalty Platform?

Future-proof Loyalty

With CCV, you can give your customers the option of physical loyalty cards or digital app-based or online accounts. Using our platform, your customers can collect points online or offline, and redeem their rewards using the method that they prefer.


We integrate your loyalty platform into your wider payment environment, and make sure that your infrastructure can handle the scheme without tiresome administration. With CCV, you get a holistic service that covers hardware, software, processing, and access to all transaction data.

White Label Solution

Your customers will only see your branding and logo, whether you’re a single organisation or a cooperative. They won’t know that CCV is working in the background to support your loyalty scheme programme, so you can maintain consistency across all of your branded platforms.

Superior Insights

What is your busiest time? Which branch sells the most? And what is your average sale value? CCV tracks every transaction, and this provides you with a wealth of information about your loyal customers. You can understand the big picture, but also offer hyper-targeted promotions.

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Every loyalty scheme is unique. This is why CCV’s platform is flexible, and we take the time to understand how you want to connect with customers. Contact CCV today to discuss your needs.

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