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Small Business? Big Dreams?

Grow your business with easy payment and webshop solutions

Whether you are a one woman/man show  you can compete with the big boys with the right technology. Easy solutions help you sell everywhere your customers are buying - in-store, online, pop-up or on the road.

Flexible card payments 

Your customers can pay by card anywhere you are.

  • Buy or rent to suit your needs
  • Mobile, fixed or integrated in the cash register
  • Contactless

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Ready to use webshop 

Set up your e-commerce in your lunch hour and start selling immediately.

  • Free trial version available
  • Fast, easy set up – the easiest web shop in the world
  • 100s of themes to choose from

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Easy POS solution

Run your shop and manage your business from a simple App.

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Monthly subscription
  • Realtime reports
  • Integrate your terminal

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Size no longer matters in the consumer jungle

Every entrepreneur and company has a different vision and mission and that is something that we at CCV understand. We assist you in making the right choice so that you can take a step further. We grow in whatever way you undertake.

Flexible payment with your payment terminal

Mobile payment terminals

If you do not want to be bound to one location, then a mobile payment terminal might be something for you. Contactless or mobile payment - no problem. With CCV latest mobile payment terminal, customers pay with contactless on your terrace or in your shop.

All businesses start small

But it can grow BIG with easy payment and website solutions.

Cards, cash, vouchers or loyalty. Online, offline, or both.

We offer a complete sales ecosystem for your business that’s easy to use, beautiful and most of all: tailored to suit your customer.

Set up your own webshop

in your lunch hour with CCV Shop comprehensive solutions

   Fast and easy set  up
   Over 100 design and themes to choose from
   Free trial version
   Local assistance

Things do not always go the way we want them to

As an entrepreneur you prefer to focus on your business and you are totally right! Should anything happen unexpectedly? We are here to help you immediately.

  •   24/7 available by phone – yes, even the middle of the night
  •   An on-site mechanic within 8 hours
  •   Even on Sundays and public holidays

We love our customers and they love us back

“I switched to CCV because of their reputation in hospitality and their 24/7 service. Now I can take payments at the table and I can see all my transactions at the touch of a button.”   

“CCV’s POS solution is so easy to use. I’m saving at least an hour a day on reporting so I have more time for my customers and growing my business.”

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