Welcome to the Customer Experience (CX) camp!

From the time you finish this 5-day course, you’ll have a fully-fledged CX strategy which will make your customers sit up and take notice.

Lesson 1

Revamp your CX with the ONLY YOU strategy - FREE Template

Learn how to define your ONLY YOU strategy in 7 steps and download our free templates

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Lesson 2

How to Map your customer journey

Learn how to map out your Customer Journey in 4 stages and discover free online tools.

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Lesson 3

Level-Up your review game with CX

Learn how to use customer reviews to boost your brand's reputation.

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Lesson 4

CCV Case Study Session: Sans Soleil Spa and their Stand-Out CX Strategy

Learn how Sans Soleil uses social media, specialised services, special offers and exclusive group packages to keep their customers happily coming back for more indulgent treatments at their wellness centre.

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Lesson 5

The CCV CX Checklist

The final steps that will help you win customers and keep them.