Trend Report 2019 meet the experts

Meet the Experts

Trend Report 2019 - Sylvie, CCV expert

Sylvie Vanthomme, Business Analyst

CCV Group (BE)

Sylvie started working at CCV in April 2018 as a Business Analyst. She holds two Masters from Universiteit Gent in Marketing Analysis and Applied Economics, Marketing. Admittedly, market research is her greatest passion and everything data-related makes her heart beat faster.

Trend Report 2019 - Ivo, CCV expert

Ivo Rupert, Commercial Director

CCV Shop (NL)

Ivo is an expert in ecommerce and online business technology. He has been an influential member of the CCV team for more than 4 years, driving CCV WebShop’s commercial strategy. He has extensive industry experience and a great passion for all contemporary trends in the field of ecommerce.

John Kolthof, Managing Director

CCV EASY, CCV Group's international division

John joined CCV 12 years ago. He had various management and commercial roles within the international and Dutch CCV organisation. Since 2015 John is leading CCV’s international self-service payment division. He is responsible for building and developing the company’s international growth strategy and delivering full Pan-European and domestic solutions to customers in all verticals with the self-service domain.

Marc Bout

Marc Bout, Product

Marketing and Communication, CCV Netherlands

Marc joined CCV Netherland in April 2018 as part of the commercial division. He has comprehensive knowledge of the banking & insurance business and a vast experience in customer-centric marketing technology and lean product development/design thinking, allowing him to fulfil a significant role at CCV.

Mitchell Yu, Head of Product management

CCV Belgium

Mitchell has been with CCV Belgium for over 14 years. During that time, he occupied several product related positions, initially working on launching and improving payment products. His role ultimately shifted to product team management, with a focus on developing compelling value proposition that exceeds customer expectations and keeps them engaged.

Tim Meersschaut, COO

CCV Belgium

Tim joined CCV Belgium in 2010 within the service department. Two years ago, he joined the company’s international team in an effort to help grow the group’s portfolio and take it to the next level. He holds a Masters in applied economics, with a focus on marketing from the University of Leuven.