Stay strong together with the flag for the Netherlands

In these difficult times, we are committed to help each other and stand #strong together. With this philosophy, creative agency Brand Specials has developed a social concept that symbolizes these times when we need each other by the flag for the Netherlands. The initiative carries a clear message, namely togetherness and helping each other. The concept was developed in collaboration with the two partners Tikkie Nederland and CCV shop, to give something back to the most vulnerable in society. The entire proceeds will go to a charity that fits well with this objective: Kansfonds.

Raising the flag for togetherness

Normally you raise a flag to celebrate something. And although we are going through a difficult time, now is precisely the time for togetherness. With the flag for the Netherlands, which you can buy via link, the Netherlands is called upon to show support to those who are struggling. Raise the flag outside or in front of the window to encourage others. The entire proceeds of the sale will go to Kansfonds. Kansfonds supports local and regional initiatives for the most vulnerable in our society, the ones who need our support the most at the moment.


“We wanted to unite skill, knowledge and creation to help someone else,” says Bas de Zeeuw from Brand Specials, and he continues; “The objective with the Flag for Netherlands is really to make a difference for the most vulnerable during this crisis and we will rely on the existing and credible Kansfonds to distribute the donations and proceeds from the flag for Netherland”.

For whom

Kansfonds supports the elderly, the homeless or people who are struggling financially. For example, this week they donated €300,000 to the Voedselbanken (Food bank) because they need direct support right now. The volunteers at the food banks distribute food every week to people who need it most.

The #samensterk flag for the Netherlands is for sale for €15.00 via the website The proceeds will go to Kansfonds.