CCV Pulse 2019

6 key trends changing the face of consumer payments

It’s tough being a businessperson in 2019. You and your competitors are all fighting for attention in a crowded market.

It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if your consumer isn’t fully happy with their shopping experience. But with so much information and technology available, how do you know what’s really best for your business?

Our experts have compiled the six key trends that you absolutely need to know.

Trend 1 - Goodbye cash

Say goodbye to cash and hello to mobile

How much money do you carry around in your wallet or purse? Probably not much. It’s a trend that’s reflected across consumers too, as more and more people turn away from cash and embrace mobile and digital wallets.

Trend 2 - Self-service shopping

The rise and rise of self-service kiosks

We’ve all been in the supermarket and used a kiosk for our shopping only to be told “there’s a problem in the baggage area.” But kiosks could be a bigger problem for businesses if they don’t embrace the tech. Here’s why.

Trend 3 - Cyber security

Thwarting digital danger once and for all

You might think that a cybercriminal won’t attack your business – but what happens if they do and you’re not adequately prepared? Post-GDPR, being smart about cyber-safety, compliance and risk management is more important than ever.

Trend 4 - smartphone as terminal

The power of your smartphone device

Your smartphone is a tiny computer in your pocket. But did you know that it has the potential to run your business from the palm of your hand? Smartphones as terminals and POS systems could change everything in 2019 and beyond.

Trend 5 - the age of data

The age of data and what it means for you

As a merchant, you’ll have so much data – but having that data doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do with it. With the right data, you can personalise your product or service and beat your competitors once and for all.

Trend 6 - open ecosystem

Omnichannel gives way to open ecosystems

The consumer experience is limited by a lack of integrations – for example, customers need individual loyalty cards for each brand they use. But what if you could unify their data into one place? That’s what open ecosystems intend to do – here’s how.