The power of payment 

60 years in the making

CCV was launched in 1958 by Cor  and Bep van de Velden – both born and raised in the beautiful city of Arnhem. Cor was 27 years old when he started his accounting firm in the attic of his family’s house. This attic would turn into the home base of what was to become “Computercentrum Cor van de Velden” – CCV.


We facilitated the first electronic payments in the 1970s and started online payments in the early 2000s. Now we offer next-generation Android payment terminals which are easy to use as your smartphone. 


Through the decades, the family company CCV has undergone several transformations. From a local accountancy firm in an attic to an international full-service payment partner. However, at its core, CCV has always remained steadfast in the belief of innovation, the belief to support entrepreneurs, the belief in trusting the experienced teams at CCV, and the belief of wanting to make the world a little better by offering easy-to-use payment solutions for customers of every scale.  

What we are known for


As a financial institution we carry great responsibility. We have to be transparent, ethical and trustworthy. No compromise. 


We build relationships with our customers and connect them to solutions and innovations. 

Future proof

As a long-term partner offering continuity, we empower our customers to build future-proof businesses by providing access to all payment solutions that are relevant today. 


Over the past 60 years we have accumulated great knowledge about everything payment. That counts both for types of business (small to corporate) and for sectors in specific. ​ 

Our milestones

The story of CCV is one of ingenuity, courage, innovation, perseverance, and hard work. In essence – it’s a true story of entrepreneurship. Check out our milestones:  

  • 1958 Computercentrum Cor van de Velden (CCV) founded  
  • 1979 First electronic payments  
  • 1989 First payment terminals on the market  
  • 2000 - 2001 CCV expanded through several acquisitions in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium     
  • 2003 First online payments  
  • 2007 CCV starts processing Dutch PIN transactions  
  • 2018 Introduction of next-generation terminals with Android OS  
  • 2021 Giant step forward with Cloud kick transactions  


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