Mobile Payments for EV Charging Stations

Open payment systems for EV charging

Pay for charging a vehicle using card, smartphone wallets, or eCommerce

Open payment solutions ensure that anyone pay can with their card, smartphone wallet, or web payment solution to charge their electric vehicle. No subscription or signup required. Straightforward access for EV drivers to plug and charge, so you increase revenue.

Card payments

Carrying cash is becoming less popular. CCV helps your customers make easy, convenient, and immediate cashless transactions for EV charging. We provide PIN terminals and contactless technology so drivers can tap, pay, and drive away fully charged.  

Smartphone wallets

Smartphone adoption is off the scale, especially in Europe. Our self-service payment technology helps your business meet the demands of EV drivers to pay for charges via their mobile devices, using NFC (Near Field Communication) capability.


With an eCommerce solution, EV drivers can simply go to your brand’s mobile website and pay for a charge when they need it. This can be integrated with a QR code solution, or implemented for secure online credit or debit card transactions.

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At CCV, we understand the dynamic nature of payments for EV charging. We’re here to make things easier for your business and its customers. With our guidance, expertise and knowledge, we can help you to implement the best open payment solution for your EV charge points.Get in touch today.

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EV Charging payment solutions

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Customer quote

“With the help of CCV we started a new pilot to integrate mobile payments at our charging stations. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best experience to our customers" - Jean-Paul, business development manager


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