Meet CCV Mobile A920, the very first CCV Android-based mobile payment terminal

Benefit from the future-proof hardware and also make so much more out of a payment terminal, thanks to the Android operating system

Thanks to its smartphone-like functionality, the CCV Mobile A920 has several value-adding features compared to a traditional payment terminal. PayDroid, an Android self-contained operating system, enables applications to be installed and updated quickly.

  • Intuitive: Helps to ensure stable operations and transactions which gain trust from your consumers.
  • Secure: Features high-end security which complies with industry standards.
  • Intelligent: Offers numerous opportunities to communicate and advertise to your customers.

In which industries can CCV Mobile A920 help boost cashless payment?

Fashion and retail

Easy payment & value added apps on one device.

Delivery and mobility services

Grow your brand with smart payment solutions.

Public transport

Accept every form of payment, from bank cards to smartphones.

Why is CCV Mobile A920 the perfect solution for you?

The new generation of payment with B2B applications

The CCV Mobile A920 is a smart mobile point-of-sale solution. It includes a touch screen, a signature pad, a printer, a card reader and a long-lasting battery. The device can be used to process contactless payments from all providers (includes: chip and magnetic strip reader, front-facing and back-facing cameras which can be used for QR code payment methods).

CCVStore - the perfect partner

One platform for managing your apps and Android-based terminals. With the CCVStore we are preparing for the digital future. Apps on terminals offer numerous and different application possibilities - paired with Android-based solutions, like the CCV Mobile A920, great use cases can be created. The CCVStore is a B2B app store operated by CCV and hosted in Germany. Like other well-known app stores, the CCVStore is used to manage and update all apps installed on terminals.

Best-in-class security

Features high-end security exceeding industry standards.

The CCV Mobile A920 includes the latest hardware and software security certifications. In addition the apps are screened and checked by our security experts before being published.


Client case

Avance Pay & CCV

Learn in this case study why the Swiss-based company Avance Pay chose the CCV Mobile A920 for their event cash register app.

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