CCV Pad Next

Digitalisation at the checkout with our future-proof PIN pad.

Digitalisation at the checkout - no problem with the CCV Pad Next PIN pad. With its functionalities, such as beacon technology or reading QR or barcodes (1D/2D), the CCV Pad Next is particularly suitable for the branch-based retail industry. 

  • Large display for signature capture
  • Certified according to current security standards such as PCI PTS 5.x, DK TA7.2, DC POS 3.0
  • Detached, illuminated contactless reader for user-friendly payment

In which industries can the CCV Pad Next help boost cashless payment?

Fashion & Retail

Large touchscreen and illuminated card reader for better user guidance.

Food & Beverage

Accept all common payment methods, chip magstripe, contactless.


Quick checkout through fast transaction processing.

Why is CCV Pad Next the perfect solution for you?

Added value through great add-ons

On the hardware side, for example, a camera is also prepared for scanning barcodes or QR codes. But the CCV Pad Next can also be upgraded on the software side. Do you have a large number of international customers? No problem! Our software has 17 languages, currencies and different time zones. Furthermore, the DCC currency conversion and TaxFree. In addition to Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can also pay with AliPay and WeChat Pay. We can also offer you P2PE certification for the CCV Pad Next.

Convenient use - thanks to large screen & detached contactless reader

The design of the CCV Pad Next is not only impressive due to its large touchscreen, which is ideal for digital signature capture, but also due to the remote and illuminated contactless reader. This facilitates user guidance and handling for the customer and the screen is no longer covered by the card.

Simple integration & decentralised control possible

Thanks to the ZVT or O.P.I. cash register interface, the PIN pad can easily be connected to your cash register system. And in combination with the use of our Payment as a Service Server solution, you have the option of decentralised control of the PIN pads. The intelligence and function of the payment terminal are no longer linked to the terminal or the cash register, but are combined in the background on several servers. The payment terminals then only serve as pure input hardware and for reading out the payment card information.

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