CCV Pad Q25

The perfect starter PIN pad with hardware power.

Future-proof hardware - with PCI PTS 5.x - slim and simple design and a powerful processor -Cortex A7, 32-bit Processor, 528 MHz - the CCV Pad Q25 is especially suitable as a PIN pad for multilane retailers. The payment terminal can be integrated very easily - via ZVT or O.P.I cash register protocol - at any cash register system.

  • Future-proof: up-to-date PCI PTS certification 5.x and powerful hardware features
  • Well organised at the cash desk: single-cable solution
  • Up to date: cutting-edge payment technology

In which industries can CCV Pad Q25 help boost cashless payment?

Fashion & Retail

Digital signature capture possible on the touchscreen.

Food & Beverage

Sleek, space-saving design - but full hardware power.


Transaction processing in under one second, contributing to faster checkout processes.

Why is CCV Pad Q25 the perfect solution for you?

Practical design & powerful hardware features

Despite its space-saving and handy design, the CCV Pad Q25 has all the functionality of a future-proof payment terminal. The display is equipped with a touchscreen, offers the option of digital signature capture and the single-cable solution ensures order at the cash desk. The hardware features are rounded off by the fast processor and PCI PTS 5.x approval.

Simple integration & decentralised control

The CCV Pad Q25 can be easily integrated into an existing POS system thanks to the ZVT or O.P.I cash register interface. Thanks to our Payment as a Service Server solution, PIN pads like the CCV Pad Q25 can be operated through decentralised control. Hosted acCEPT is a virtual server solution, i.e. the intelligence and functions are no longer inextricably linked to the terminal or the cash register, but are combined in the background on one or more servers. The connected PIN pads only function as pure input hardware and are used to read out the payment card information.

0.612 seconds. That's how short it takes our CCV Pad Q25 to process a contact-based transaction.

Fast, faster, CCV Pad Q25. Our PIN pad takes 0.612 seconds to process a contact-based transaction* - and fast transaction processing contributes to a fast checkout process. This is an important decision factor, especially for chain stores with many checkout locations and a high customer frequency.

*source: Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft

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