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You can build a business on engaged customers. But are you aware of their ever-changing desires? Are you aware of what motivates them, allowing you to respond to precisely the right emotion? It’s possible. We have different tools in our portfolio to make this happen.

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CCV Connect

CCV Connect


A tested value

How can you turn a one-time passer-by into a loyal customer? One who is eager to return to your shop or shopping district? We can help you gain insight into the spending and behavioural patterns of your customers. So that you get a sense of what will engage their interest. The next step is to reap the benefit of these insights using a loyalty programme.

Gift card

Solid revenue

If someone receives a gift card offering a discount on a subsequent purchase, there is a good chance they will return. The more relevant and personalised the offer, the greater the chance of retaining them. Today’s digital gift cards are extremely user-friendly and require little from you in the way of administrative effort or time. Which means you are free to focus your full attention on your customers.


Stronger together

By working together, retailers in a given area are able to pool their strengths in order to attract customers. This can have a major impact. We are firm believers in this kind of cooperation – and in co-creation as well, whether it’s between you and your customers or you and like-minded entrepreneurs. In fact, we would be happy to put you in touch with relevant entrepreneurs you might be interested in partnering with. With no strings attached.

Join forces, form an entrepreneur-community

Join forces, form an entrepreneur-community

Your success is our success

‘We can help you gain insights into your – loyal – customers, so you can truly engage with them.’

Using a proactive approach, we engage all of our expertise and experience to provide you with relevant information and inspiring insights. This way, you will be prepared for the future and able to do business energetically, efficiently and even more successfully than ever before.

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