Meet the board of directors

The Van de Velden family has been the driving force behind CCV from the very start. With Enny van de Velden as our CCO and Chair of the Board of Directors we continue to be a family business to this day. Alongside her on the board are Michiel Bijleveld as CTO and Robert van de Graaf as CFRO.

Enny van de Velden

Our Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) since May 2016, Chair of the Board since December 2016, and prior to that our Managing Director: we proudly present Enny van de Velden (b. 1961). With two Master's degrees from the University of Groningen, she has held positions that include ones at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Stenden University of Applied Sciences and Any Productions.

With invaluable and extensive experience in branding, change management and experience marketing, she is responsible for the long-term commercial success of CCV, strategy development and organisational development. She is in charge of business development, branding & communication, strategic marketing, strategic personnel policy and organisational development at group level.

Michiel Bijleveld

Michiel Bijleveld (b. 1972) has wide-ranging experience in information technology and operational management, combining these with commercial insight and management experience. Since August 2016 we are happy to have him as our Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

After studying electronics and telecommunications, Michiel Bijleveld began his career as a project manager in the passenger transport sector. At Connexxion, he headed the IT department and held a number of management positions from 1999 onwards. At the time, he was closely involved in implementing a new contactless system for public transport in the Netherlands. Between 2009 and 2016 he also acted as chairman of the advisory body for TransLink Systems B.V.

Robert van de Graaf

In December 2016, Robert van de Graaf was appointed Chief Financial and Risk Officer (CFRO) for all of the CCV Group B.V. operating companies and business units. He is in charge of the Concern Controlling, Legal and Governance, and Risk & Compliance staff departments. In addition, he is involved in innovation and fulfills an important role on the Supervisory Board.

Van de Graaf (b. 1966) worked at Achmea from 2002 to 2016. During his last three years there, he fulfilled the role of CFRO at Achmea Schade. His responsibilities included customer value, balance sheet management, the Control Framework Risk & Compliance, and setting up and implementing the Achmea Schade innovation strategy. While working for Achmea, he held various (financial) positions at Landis, AT&T and DSM, all contributing to valuable experience in the field of Finance & Risk.


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