The way to independence – A CCV customer tells his story!

Günter Reupke
Manager of Diäko GmbH in Hamburg

How did you come up with your business idea?

The founding of Diäko was 30 years ago and arose between two friends at the playground, one of the two had just become a mother. Talking about healthy nutrition and how healthy food can be made available to busy working people or families, the idea matured for the own company.

How do you sell? As a stationary business? What role does e-commerce play for you?

We offer complete lunches and dinners in frozen form. There are also fresh products and snacks for in between. We sell in our shop in Hamburg, but meanwhile our online business with more than 85% of sales has become our main sales channel.

Diet food sounds like a product, which needs a lot of explanation – right? Do you therefore have a special connection with your customers?

Of course we need to explain a lot in our shop. But we also like to help by phone. Meanwhile, our website is so meaningful that is rarely asked for additional information. Additional traffic is generated via social media. There is a lot of discussion on Facebook and Instagram, either as a response to direct posts, as comments to our own and external contributions, and more recently in our own community in which we are extremely reticent and let members communicate more with each other.

What can you advise other entrepreneurs or those who want to become one?

Both of our founders had to fight their way through it just because they were women – which was very unusual back then. Luckily, there are no such difficulties today anymore. But of course, every entrepreneur needs endurance and a sense of the Zeitgeist.

What are your goals for the future?

We will definitely expand our online shop!

You are using the POS system CCV SalesPoint. What role has payment for you? What has changed for you through CCV SalesPoint?

A special advantage for us is that price changes can be controlled easily and quickly on the computer via MyCCV. Also the system is just self-explanatory. The creation of articles has changed for us from “terribly” to “nice and smooth”. The integrated card terminal is also perfect – a large extent in our shop is paid by card.