Customer Story: Contactless Parking Payments in Amsterdam

contactless payment parking amsterdam

Upgrading the Dutch capital’s on-street parking stations with smart contactless payment solutions.


With around 820,000 inhabitants and 5 million tourists hitting the narrow streets of Amsterdam every year, it’s critical to make parking as smooth and efficient as possible.

As part of their determined focus to improve parking in the city, Gemeente Amsterdam commissioned our partner, Scheidt & Bachmann, to supply 2,100 innovative on-street parking stations.

CCV provided contactless payment terminals for parking, and embarked on a successful pilot to feed transactional and operational data into the front-end MyCCV dashboard.


Gemeente Amsterdam is investing heavily in the city’s parking infrastructure. Existing terminals did not accept contactless (NFC) payment methods for credit cards or mobile wallets, and had limited reporting capabilities.

In order to meet modern driver expectations and achieve better data visibility, Gemeente Amsterdam put an upgrade project out for tender. This project was secured by Scheidt & Bachmann; our business partner for the parking industry.

Initial solution

CCV worked in close partnership with Scheidt & Bachmann, Gemeente Amsterdam, and Egis Parking Services; the service partner for installations, servicing, and dispute handling.

Initially, the primary ambition was to integrate contactless payment terminals into 2,100 of Amsterdam’s on-street parking stations. In spring 2018, this new parking payment solution began to be rolled-out across the city.

MyCCV, our online management dashboard

MyCCV is an online management and support environment for all services provided by CCV. In order for Gemeente Amsterdam to access this platform, the parking payment terminals needed a major software release. In a pilot covering 100 terminals, we updated our Motion software from version 1.1.44 to version 2.0.8. The connection to MyCCV enabled easy transaction data reporting, plus operational reporting to highlight uptime and payment terminal errors.

The release also provided new technical certificates, updated encryption from SSL 3 to TLS protocol (PCI compliant), and new functionality to accept contactless American Express cards. This provides better security and a bigger range of payment options to serve more drivers.


By the end of November 2018, we had upgraded 58 terminals and successfully connected them to MyCCV. The festive period was used to monitor stability and reliability, and in early 2019 we continued to roll-out the software release pilot to a further 54 terminals. This test period was complete at a total of 112 upgraded (and connected) parking terminals – all functioning seamlessly.

 Do you want to know more about our end-to-end payment solutions in parking? Please contact Lorena Dias Lopes, International Partner Manager at CCV on or call +31622769394.

Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash

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