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Read the story about Tank+Rast, leading provider of gastronomy, retail products, hotel accommodations, and fuel along German motorways:

500 million travellers stop at an Autobahn Tank & Rast location every year. With more than 360 filling stations, 400 service stations, and around 50 hotels, Autobahn Tank & Rast leads motorway services in Germany. The business is innovative and forward-thinking, and has set the gold standard for paid pedestrian toilet access with their subsidiary company, SANIFAIR. This brand has reached international success, adding to the unsurpassable reputation of Autobahn Tank & Rast on the German autobahns.

CCV is a longstanding partner of Autobahn Tank & Rast, delivering electronic payment solutions and complex integrations for SANIFAIR toilet access, vending, retail, and EV charging.


Autobahn Tank & Rast aim to make toilet access more efficient by automating access control. Turnstiles were the favoured solution, unleashing further opportunities for payment innovations, customer loyalty initiatives, and value-added services for visiting travellers. CCV helped take this to the next level.

We helped Autobahn Tank & Rast apply contactless (NFC) terminals to the SANIFAIR turnstiles, even before this technology was widely-used in Germany. Considering the popularity of cash in the region, we implemented a flexible system to accept multiple methods of payment.

Upon entry through the turnstiles, the customer is issued with a voucher. This can be redeemed for a discount on refreshments at the service station, or used for their next visit to a SANIFAIR installation.


Alongside a proven retail experience, Autobahn Tank & Rast also provides travellers with coffee and other refreshments via vending machines. We worked with key stakeholders such as Dallmayr and Segafredo to integrate CCV payment terminals, and now every vending or dispensing machine at Autobahn Tank & Rast stations uses our proprietary technology.

The SANIFAIR vouchers can be redeemed at these unmanned terminals, bringing together a holistic payments environment and creating a seamless customer experience. Customers can pay with their contactless cards, smartphone wallet, cash, or their SANIFAIR voucher.

EV charging

Autobahn Tank & Rast are in a prime position to impact the e-mobility industry by installing EV charging infrastructure within their service stations. CCV helped integrate contactless payment technology into EnbW, E.ON and Innogy charging points. This was a custom solution, designed to bring together the Autobahn Tank & Rast payment framework and provide a seamless experience for electric vehicle drivers.


Strong partnerships are key to successful payment solutions, and we were excited to work with the teams at Autobahn Tank & Rast, SANIFAIR, Dallmayr, Segafredo, and multiple EV charging partners.


CCV has a valued ongoing relationship with Autobahn Tank & Rast, and we have assisted with multiple technical iterations in their payment infrastructure. Most recently, we have been collaborating on a major project to switch hosts, which is a complex and challenging task.

We are constantly on the lookout to help Autobahn Tank & Rast innovate with payments, and we’re particularly excited about EV charging. There are huge opportunities for front-end apps and mobile website solutions, combined with tokenised payments, digital accounts, loyalty incentives, and other features that are just getting explored.

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