Working at CCV: The Story of Innovation & Collaboration – Part 1

Working at CCV part 1

CCV is a proud family business, and we’ve grown since 1958 to provide payment solutions internationally. We were initially founded as a financial systems support firm, but by 1989 we had installed our first payment terminal. Since the turn of the century, CCV has acquired a number of organisations in the payments space within the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. 

We’re a forward-thinking group – always focused on innovation and meeting market needs in new and exciting ways. Our past has shaped our culture, and we stay closely connected to this heritage. But we’re looking to the future. We’re technical at heart, but with a creative flair. From product development to marketing, the CCV team is varied, dynamic, and keen to excel in a challenging industry. 

In this first of two articles, we’ll speak to our team about what it’s like to work at CCV. We’ll hear about innovation and collaboration, and learn more about roles, responsibilities, and upcoming projects. 


What is it like to work at CCV?

We love technology, and we’re true specialists in payments technology. Working in a fast-changing landscape, so it’s important that we stay ahead of the game. This means a constant pressure to build better solutions for digital payments; and to build a robust infrastructure to support customers. We innovate without compromising on security, helping create safer payments in exciting new ways. 


Future-proof products

“We do a lot of innovative work when customising software and hardware for our enterprise key accounts. We hold regular strategy meetings about long-term goals, and aim to future-proof our customers effectively. This is always a major focus.

For our small business customers, we’re also working on some very exciting products. First, a mobile Android-powered payment terminal. This will give a familiar user experience, making updates and integrations easier for the merchant. In combination with all kind of business apps, the merchants have new possibilities for their business that they did not have before.

And then, we have a smartphone POS in the works. This will enable merchants to accept NFC payments via their existing smartphone, without any additional hardware. Both of these solutions are cutting-edge, and we’re proud to be developing world-leading products for the present and future of payments.”

Daniel Ferlings – Chief Product Officer (CPO), Au i.d. Hallertau – Munich area


Collaboration is key

“We’re growing as a business, and collaboration needs to improve at the same rate. The business is focused on making collaboration as easy as possible, with better tooling and organisational structures – but also by fostering collaborative mindsets. It’s like learning how to ride a bike: you’ll fall off a few times, but in the end you’re very proud and can travel long distances. 

I’m seeing very positive developments all over the business, which help people share knowledge and experience. The introduction of Change Ambassadors is one example. Change Ambassadors can drive improvements and spread them throughout departments and countries. For example, we’ve started a series of workshops on how to hold efficient meetings, which helps us to improve our ways of working together.” 

Janine Kamminga – Change Manager Competence Center Hosting, Arnhem


Agile software development

My team’s focus is on developing software for public transport and vending, and we’re often in direct contact with the customer. This is empowering, and helps give everyone ownership over the important work they’re doing. 

My goal is to build the right things, and to build them right. We work Agile, and the aim is to not leave unfinished work at the end of each sprint. This means we try to balance the volume of tasks to keep things challenging, but not too much to prevent us reaching our objectives. 

We also see the team members as stakeholders, focused not only on the product but also on finding ways to work smarter. The team is encouraged to build tooling and automation to make repetitive tasks more efficient, and make deployment of features quicker. We’re always trying to improve!”

Gert-Jan Messchendorp – Product Owner, Arnhem


Prevent fire-fighting

“As Senior Risk Manager, I oversee risk assessments group-wide. We’re a small department, and we work together with all the different CCV entities. With risk management, it’s important to keep things positive. We work closely with innovative teams at CCV to think of problems before they happen, and to make sure we develop products that are robust and processes that work. 

We want to prevent fire-fighting, and allow people to press ahead with exciting developments. CCV is an ambitious company and it’s great to help the teams launch improvements or new products and ideas!

Astrid Juen – Senior Risk Manager, Arnhem


Empowering colleagues

When I arrived at CCV in Arnhem, I instantly had a very positive feeling. It’s a warm and informal group, and it makes you feel very welcome. There are never any bad intentions at CCV; even during challenging periods, we see the best side of people at this company.

I try to keep communication lines short between my team and other departments. It’s about empowering people to take ownership of their area, and to show that we trust their expertise. If one of my team members spots a problem and they have reasonable data to back up the hypothesis, I encourage them to take an active role and present their findings directly to the relevant stakeholders.

We try to work together as much as possible, regardless of hierarchies. If we need to get something done, we get the experts together in one room and find the best answer.

Tim Hogeweg – Team Lead Service Center, Arnhem


Join us!

CCV is an ambitious growing business. The mix of collaboration and innovation is central to long-term client satisfaction. This is what propels us forward to bring cutting-edge payment solutions to market. We’re proud to work in many European countries, across multiple languages and cultures. Together we have one big mission: to make payments happen


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