Customer Experience Lesson 4: The CCV CX Checklist

Now time – is the limited resource. We understand. It’s why we designed this supercharged course to give you the CX knowledge for your retail business. These are the final steps that will help you win customers and keep them.We’re kicking off this lesson with the downloadable checklist. Here is where you can put all your newfound CX insights to good use. Each tick will improve how your brand connects with its customers and build loyalty.

Here are our three main tips to make completing your checklist as effective as possible:

Tip 1: Personas

Make customers personas for your business. With your personas in mind, list 10 actions, such as promotions, you can do today to be more personal and have razor-sharp customer focus. How does this new CX path satisfy your ONLY YOU strategy?

Tip 2: Reviews

Set yourself a review target. Maybe that’s getting five reviews in a week? Plan ahead how you’re going to make that happen and seek inspiration from our last lesson. It’s time to reach out, be bold, and build your company’s reputation.

Tip 3: Performance review

Schedule CX performance reviews. What you do to create brilliant CX right now will look different to your strategy in six months time. This is something a lot of businesses pass up on so by being consistent and up to date with the best CX practices, you can stay ahead of the pack!

Now is the time to start

Next step: Create a seamless payment experience for your customers. We at CCV are here to help you make this happen.


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