Working at CCV: New Starter Stories – meet An and Sjors

CCV new employees

We love welcoming new employees to the CCV family, and in this blog post, we shine a spotlight on some of the colleagues who have recently joined. You will hear all about their experience in their first weeks as a CCV team member, and learn about why they recommend CCV as a great place to work.

AnDeGrooteAn Degroote:


Technical Coordinator, Customer Services – Ypres, Belgium
An Degroote is the Technical Coordinator at the Customer Services department in Ypres, Belgium. She handles a diverse range of tasks, including advising on complex customer issues, coaching colleagues, and coordinating technical projects. An, how did you experience your start at CCV? A warm welcome
“From the first day, I was well taken care of. All new employees receive a personal training scheme, and I met a lot of friendly new colleagues. Also, my new workplace is great. Our office in Ypres is very impressive, especially the lunch and meeting rooms, which are spacious and full of natural light. This creates a pleasant working environment. In the first weeks, I received an introduction to the product range. CCV Belgium sells both webshops and terminals, so this is very extensive.  A special atmosphere
“There is a great vibe at CCV. Thanks to the support of my colleagues, I quickly felt at ease. I have great relationships with my managers and colleagues; we can exchange ideas and information, at all levels. CCV shows a lot of respect and appreciation for its staff. There is open communication throughout the company and a stimulating environment. This is definitely a good employer!” Rewarding work
“I am very satisfied with the content of my job. One of the first projects I participated in was updating a major set of our terminals in the context of the Acquiris update. Acquiris is the payment terminal specification and certification organization within the SEPA region. This involved analyzing our terminal base, contacting the acquirers, and communicating with customers. Currently, we are implementing a CRM system, which has a huge impact for our department. In preparation, we are exploring the new functionalities of the software and evaluating our own processes. It’s a challenging job.”

Sjors GielenSjors Gielen:


Principal Engineer, MyCCV XL – Arnhem, the Netherlands

Sjors Gielen is a Principal Engineer at MyCCV XL, which is a software team within CCV. He works on terminal management software for CCV’s large business partners. Sjors, how did you experience your start at CCV? What have been your highlights?

Helpful team members
“My first impression at every new job is “whoa, there’s a lot to learn here!” but what struck me at CCV was everyone’s eagerness to help and teach. If a colleague doesn’t know the answer to a question, they’ll go out of their way to connect you with the most knowledgeable person on that topic in the company. 

For example, when my teammate couldn’t directly answer my questions about transaction processing, he planned a meeting with one of the CCV experts, where they explained how the digital payment system works in the Netherlands. This got me up to speed quickly, both in terms of technical knowhow and also in becoming familiar with my colleagues and their departments.”

Open culture
“One of the best things about working at CCV is the open culture, and willingness to discuss how things are done. CCV is large enough to have stable and reliable departments, while still allowing many things to be tweaked and improved. All colleagues, including managers, welcome feedback. This allows you to focus on your area of expertise – and you are also challenged contributing to a broader scope. I would wholeheartedly recommend people to join CCV. You’ll find yourself in an organization eager to teach, willing to listen and discuss, and always treat you well.”  Interesting work
“I started out making improvements to our terminal management software, like making it easier to automatically import hundreds of new terminals into the system. This is useful to our partners who move hundreds of terminals between customers, such as large festivals. Currently, I’m building a software portal for our service departments and business partners. Here they can download software and manuals. The portal also helps us organize more reliable ways to deploy software services and keep them available to customers.”

Note: An and Sjors started at CCV before the coronavirus outbreak. Now the majority of our employees are working from home, here you will find an overview of measures that we take at CCV in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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