CCV and the National Bank of Belgium join forces

Filing annual accounts has become more convenient as of 4 April

Since it was set up in 1978, the Central Balance Sheet Office has collected and distributed the annual accounts of virtually all legal entities in Belgium. A major reform of the applications became necessary in view of the need for further automation and digitalisation. Since 4 April, the online application of the Central Balance Sheet Office has therefore taken on a very different look. This new look means that businesses can draw up, pay and publish their annual accounts more easily. For the ‘pay’ section, the National Bank of Belgium opted to work with CCV.

Adapted payment module for the Central Balance Sheet Office

Previously, entrepreneurs had few payment options when filing annual accounts. The choices were limited to a transfer or payment by credit card. The cooperation with CCV enables a wider range of payment possibilities: credit card, debit card (Maestro and Bancontact), smartphone, QR code and payment link. The payment link in particular is a significant addition for accountancy firms. When filing accounts as a third party, they can now make the necessary preparations and send their client a secure link. This link takes the entrepreneur to his or her personal payment environment where the payment details have been filled in beforehand.

Having more payment possibilities also implies more stringent payment monitoring. Incorrect amounts or the lack of a structured reference lead to automatic refunds. For entrepreneurs who swear by paying via transfer, please note that there is a new CCV NBB bank account number, to prevent confusion.

What else has changed since 4 April 2022?

  • Notification of filing via e-Box: exclusively in the official e-Box
  • New filing application: personalised work space
  • Public disclosure: shortly after validation of payment
  • Upgraded access: use of the government’s CSAM portal
  • XBRL 2.1: new XBRL format and structure

Read more about the Central Balance Sheet Office update on the website of the National Bank of Belgium.