Welcome at CCV: one official onboarding buddy, countless unofficial ones

In April 2021, I found an amazing job as Corporate Communications Officer at CCV. But as if starting a new job isn’t daunting enough, I had to do it during a pandemic - mostly online. To be fair, well over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, online onboarding had just become part of the deal. Even though most companies around the globe had to facilitate remote onboarding, there was no guarantee that they would do it well. I’m very happy to say that CCV did a great job of welcoming me with open arms – be they virtual ones!

Inviting company culture

As an online communications specialist and copy editor, I have worked with many companies in various industries. I can honestly say that company culture makes or breaks any work environment. From the very first moment I got to know CCV, I felt that the company culture was warm and inviting. It was one of the reasons I chose to join CCV.

Finding my place in this new company and within my new team was exciting. With many colleagues working from home across different countries in Europe, it was sometimes challenging – but always personal. Luckily, CCV had coupled me with a work buddy. My buddy, was my go-to guy for everything. Meeting with him – remotely, of course – felt informal and familiar. He helped me to integrate well into my new job, made me feel part of the team and introduced me to many new people at CCV. He shared useful knowledge with me and showed me all the tips & tricks you should know when you are new. He also took the time to meet me for coffee calls: brief calls in which we just “hung out” as if we were having a break in the coffee corner at the office. Because we established this kind of relationship early on, I felt comfortable reaching out to him for all kinds of questions or feedback. Feeling the support from my buddy has helped me boost my productivity and creativity. Even in these extraordinary circumstances.

Many more buddies

While my buddy made me feel welcome and at ease at CCV, he was far from the only one. Everybody I talked with really tried to make me feel part of the team and to help me get up to speed.

Even though I only met few of my new colleagues in real life in the office, I feel as if I’ve met the entire team. Part of this can only be contributed to the open and helpful attitude of my co-workers. But part of it also has to do with the great efforts CCV and the marketing and communications team have taken to keep the team spirit alive. Here are just a few of the social activities that were organised since I joined CCV: a dumpling workshop, a full-body workout, a pub quiz, a yoga class.

In my interview for the position, I asked what I could expect when working for CCV. The answer was clear and confident: “you’ll join the best marketing team ever.” After this one-of-a-kind onboarding experience, I can only wholeheartedly agree.

Monique van Hout, - Corporate Communications Officer