CCV builds on recent sustainability successes with new CSR strategy

Payment solutions provider introduces ‘WeCare’ strategy, building on recent sustainability achievements with a measurable new vision for social and environmental impact.

Arnhem, the Netherlands, 2nd May 2023 Payment solutions provider CCV is publishing its first annual sustainability report as the basis for continuing development in every area of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The report builds on the values of ethical, social, transparent, and responsible governance that have been central to the company since its founding in 1958. CCV has always placed great value not only in facilitating the latest payment technology but also in developing the company in a social and ethical way. The annual report continues in this spirit with a company-wide, integrated commitment to future-proof CCV’s products and do business in a way that safeguards people and the planet.

 The CSR report stems from a reflection on CCV’s corporate values- connected, experienced, future-proof, and reliable-and represents a bringing together of the company’s previous sustainability efforts. The WeCare values laid out in the strategy now act as a baseline from which to measure and develop the strategy across every area of CCV’s operations.

These five strategic pillars are “social responsibility“, committing to the health, well-being and professional development of CCV employees; “corporate citizenship“, contributing positively through partnerships that advance innovation and sustainability within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Compact; “environmental sustainability“, reducing CCV’s footprint across its offices, data centres, shipment methods, product range and product development; “responsible value chain“, strengthening CCV’s supply chain management with due diligence concerning environmental and ethical principles; and “governance“, a continuing commitment to operate with transparency, responsibility, and reliability as an employer and facilitator of payment.

The CSR report highlights CCV’s SoftPOS payment solution, which turns an Android device, like a smart phone, into a payment terminal. SoftPOS can reduce the need for new hardware and hence lower the associated environmental impact, while its app-based design makes the latest, greenest, NFC payment technology accessible to a wider range of businesses in fixed and mobile locations. Furthermore, CCV has seen great success with its repair strategy for existing hardware, processing over 65,000 terminals in 2022 to return to market or salvage spare parts. In all, 91.51% of the terminals processed for repair have had their lifespan extended.  Also, the introduction of the Android terminal several years ago, has led to less hardware, as various apps including ordering apps, running on the terminal eliminates the need for separate ordering hardware.

Anna Ahrenberg, Brand and CSR Lead at CCV Group B.V.: “To create our first annual CSR report, we went to the core of our business, analysing and consulting our different areas of operation and stakeholder groups. The result is an ambitious and systematic strategy for providing innovation in payment solutions while reducing our environmental impact. This report is also a commitment to continually reassess and revaluate our corporate social responsibility strategy, taking our commitment to the next level.”

Enny van de Velden, CCO and Chair of the Board of Directors at CCV Group B.V.: “Sustainability is part of the DNA of CCV. My parents always focussed not only on financial success but also on true connection with our customers and partners and strove to give CCV’s employees the necessary resources to flourish. I am proud to launch the WeCare strategy that is true to our heritage, values, and vision. It ensures that we continue to work together fairly and ethically. It enables us to develop and future-proof our products and company, fulfilling our obligations to customers, staff, and the environment.”

You can find more information about CSR at CCV on this website where you can also download the CSR report.