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Contactless NFC Ticketing for Public Transport

Keep travellers and commuters on the go with contactless NFC ticketing

Missed connections will be a thing of the past with contactless payments at the ticket machine. Travellers can beat the queues by using their contactless bank card or smart device when they pay for a ticket. Whether for train, tram, or bus — contactless payments create a simpler travel experience.

Contactless cards

City commuters can use their contactless debit or credit card to pay for travel tickets on any transit mode. One quick tap-and-go at the payment terminal and the ticket is purchased, allowing the customer to enjoy a relaxed journey to the office.

Mobile payments

With contactless mobile payments, travellers can use their smartphone wallet or QR code app to pay for transport tickets. Simply hold the device near the payment terminal or scan the QR code and the ticket is purchased. Customers can even pay with other NFC-enabled devices, such as smart watches.


An automated ticket machine with contactless payment terminal cuts down on staffing costs and frustrating queues. The speed and efficiency of NFC payments means no more long waits at the ticket kiosk. Travellers can easily obtain their tickets and continue on their journey.

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With contactless payments at the ticket machine, public transport tickets and travel passes can be purchased in moments. Find out how you can cut costs and improve the customer experience through NFC payments for ticket machines: speak to one of our expert advisors today.

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