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Alipay is the most used payment method in China. Alipay has 1.2 billion users worldwide, of which more than 900 million are located in China. Together they account for more than 100 million transactions daily, mostly taking place via a digital wallet: the Alipay Wallet.


This wallet allows consumers to conduct online payment directly via a linked credit or debit card. In addition, Alipay is also suitable for physical stores by paying via a QR code directly from a mobile device. The consumer requires a Chinese bank card to create an Alipay account.

Due to a rapidly increasing prosperity in China, Chinese tourism abroad is thriving. With over 300,000 Chinese tourists coming to the Netherlands each year and the increasing number of Chinese who live and study abroad, this payment method offers great added value for retailers and web shops alike. Chinese consumers use Alipay and are likely to purchase faster if they are able to pay via Alipay; their trusted payment method.

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Advantages for merchants: why offer Alipay?

  • More than 900 million active users
  • Visibility of retail shops in the Alipay app
  • Suitable for online and physical purchases
  • Expanding your reach to new target groups
  • Secure payment method due to highly advanced encryption technologies
  • Consumers immediately see their own currency, making foreign prices more transparent

How easy Alipay works in your store:

  1. Consumer selects Alipay on the terminal
  2. A QR code will appear on the terminal screen
  3. Consumer scans the QR code with mobile phone
  4. Alipay opens and the transaction details are displayed
  5. The consumer confirms the payment in the Alipay app
  6. The payment confirmation message appears on the terminal


If you would like to offer Alipay payments, you only pay for a successful transaction. If no transactions are executed, no costs will be charged.

In-store transaction: 1.9% per transaction

Currently we offer Alipay payments to merchants located in the Netherlands. Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your business? Please contact us via:

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