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Give customers the right payment methods and expand your business online and offline


Provide an excellent customer journey on every sales channel with a flexible payment platform.

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Today's customers make no distinction between offline and online experiences. They want the experience that fits their needs.


We help power businesses in many European countries and across multiple industries.

Our payment methods


As one of the largest globally accepted co-branded card schemes, Mastercard provides trusted transactions with extensive insurance options for customers.


As the largest global card network, Visa offers unparalleled reach and comprehensive insurance benefits, making it a trusted choice for consumers worldwide.

American Express (AMEX)

A globally recognized and popular credit card, American Express offers a credit option with a vast global reach.


Maestro, a debit scheme, allows immediate deductions from the customer's checking account for quick and efficient payments.


Ideal for online payments in the Netherlands, iDeal guarantees secure transactions, making it the preferred choice for Dutch consumers.


With the convenience of username and password identification, PayPal allows users to link multiple cards to the wallet, enhancing flexibility and ease of use.


VPay, Visa's debit brand, provides a secure and reliable payment method for customers looking for a Visa-branded debit option.

Apple Pay

Experience seamless, secure, and contactless purchases with Apple Pay. Link your credit card once to your Apple Pay account on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad, and enjoy the convenience of hassle-free transactions. No additional cards or e-readers needed.


Bancontact, the preferred payment method in Belgium, offers guaranteed and irreversible payments suitable for both in-store and e-commerce transactions.


Offer your customers the flexibility to pay up to 30 days after purchase with Klarna. Delay payment until they've received their product, enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.


Formerly known as CartaSi, Nexi is a Visa/Mastercard co-branded card and the preferred payment method in Italy.


Dankort, a Visa/Mastercard co-branded card, is the preferred payment method in Denmark, providing a secure and widely accepted option.


SEPA, a Direct Debit system, creates a standardized payment infrastructure within the European Union, facilitating easy cross-border transactions.

Carte |Bancaire

Carte Bancaire, a Visa/Mastercard co-branded card, is the preferred payment method in France, offering a secure and widely accepted payment option.


Loyalty payments provide a flexible and rewarding method for customers to make purchases using accumulated loyalty points.

Gift cards

Gift cards offer a convenient and flexible way for customers to make purchases, providing a prepaid amount to spend at the respective business.


An online payment allows you to place money on your rechargeable (digital) debit card. This enables quick local payments for events and chain shops, for example.


Bank Transfer involves the direct transfer of funds from the customer's bank account to the business's account, offering a traditional and secure payment method.

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E-commerce platforms we work with

Online payment features at #CCV

CCV is committed to creating impactful features that bring real value to our customers. Our array of features, from smooth transaction processing to cutting-edge tokenization, has been meticulously designed to enhance your payment journey. At CCV, you'll encounter a spectrum of capabilities, spanning secure data management, streamlined subscription control, and tailor-made payment links. Our goal is to empower your business with innovative solutions that make a difference in the realm of online payments.

General features
General features

Explore our array of features designed to enhance your payment journey.

✓ Transaction insight

✓ Gross payout

✓ Transaction processing

General features

Discover seamless compatibility with our payment solutions.

✓ API integration

✓ Plug-in options

✓ Reconciliation options

General features
Payment options

Empower your payment experience with flexible options.

✓ Sale & refund

✓ Recurring payments

✓ Payment links

General features

Prioritize security with robust features.

✓ Auth/capture flow

✓ Token vault

✓ Compliant to PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 22301