The born entrepreneur’s guide to grow big time

Consumer behaviour have changed. Online and offline, we research, make purchases and even review our experiences on phones, tablets, laptops and yes, very often in person too. But business and how we operate is changing too.

Smart solutions using today’s technology are easy to use, intuitive and seamless. They can help born entrepreneurs on their path to business success.

Growing strong

To grow big you don’t need to reinvent the wheel – or yourself. You and your brand/product have progressed this far. Keep faith in both. But you may also need to up your business game.

Improving customer experience is your biggest business opportunity. Implementing a customer experience and loyalty strategy leads to higher customer satisfaction rates, lower churn and increased revenues.

Customers won’t even mind paying more – as long as they get a better experience in return. But as you grow to medium size, your brand needs to appeal to employees as well as customers, albeit in a different way.

You will be hiring new employees; old ones will leave. The practices that make your business thrive must be outlined, regularly reviewed and made known to all employees, especially newbies.

The 3 skills you’ll need to make your business grow faster?

  1. Leadership. Leadership requires vision. Vision needs goals. At this stage of your business, refine your mission statement – or draw one up if you never had one. It should be three or four sentences that define your business and its goals. Get employee input – they must buy in – and don’t be shy about reaching for the sky!
  2. Client management. Thank them for bringing the matter to your attention. Accept what they say – even if they’re wrong. Remain professional and sympathetic at all times and never lose your cool. Appoint a community manager to respond quickly to comments on social media, including reviews.
  3. Compliance. The bigger your company, the greater the danger of falling foul of a raft of labour and data legislation. Automation can help ease the burden. HR software packages can streamline processes to automatically avoid compliance issues.

And the 3 mistakes to avoid…

  • Mistake #1. Poor technical support. Is your IT systems really good enough for a €20m-turnover operation? It may be time for an upgrade.
  • Mistake #2. Taking a short-term perspective. You’re no longer in small-firm fire-fighting mode, surviving from week to week. You need a long-term strategy. One handy tip is to spend a certain amount of time every day on strategic long-term tasks, or block out an entire day every week just for thinking and strategising.
  • Mistake #3. Remaining loyal to legacy systems. OK, it took you a long time to master the quirks of that ancient payments, payroll and accounting system. But that’s no reason to keep it! Objectively evaluate the benefits of new technology, which almost always can give you an edge.

Your key takeaway to move to the next level:

  • Tactics, strategies and tools that work at the initial stage may be a fatal mistake for a larger company.
  • A fast-growing business is under continuous pressure. Ease it with automation.
  • Your customers mean everything to you. They are the lifeblood of your business.

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