Working at CCV: New Starter Stories – meet Anja and Ruben

CCV new employees

We love welcoming new members to the CCV team, and in this blog post, we shine a spotlight on some of our colleagues who have recently joined. We’ll hear all about their experience in their first weeks as a CCV team member, and learn about why they recommend CCV as a great place to work.This is the second blog in this series. Read in this first blog the stories of An and Sjors.

Anja Jones

Anja Jones:

Technical Key Account Manager at CCV – Au i.d. Hallertau, Germany

Anja Jones is Key Account Manager at CCV in Germany. She is responsible for the technical supervision and management of our key accounts. In technical projects, she takes care of the handling and coordination of all project participants. Anja, tell us about your start at CCV!

Patience and understanding

“It’s generally understood that if you’re coming from outside the payments world, it will take some time to learn and adapt. The team at CCV has been patient and structured in the way they’ve introduced me to departments and customers. During my introduction, I learned a lot through on-the-job training. I began the handover process by shadowing my colleagues in meetings to learn how decisions are made, and I gradually started to take a more active role as I understood more. I’ve been able to ask questions throughout my onboarding, and the team is always willing to help.”

Responsibility right from the start

“I’ve taken over some big and important projects, despite only being at CCV for a short period of time. It’s great to feel this level of support and trust. People appreciate my ability to manage projects, and I’m trusted to have freedom in working in the way I need to. If I need deeper technical support, the engineering team will always answer my questions. This is very much appreciated.”

A family feeling

“I’ve experienced an amazing team spirit from day one – across CCV’s departments and countries. It’s really a family feeling, which is unusual for such a big organisation. When I joined, I went to the café and lots of people stopped to introduce themselves. Even the management team took the time to welcome me to the company. It’s a lovely environment to work in.”

Ruben Smeets

Ruben Smeets:

Software Developer at CCV Lab – Hasselt, Belgium

Ruben works on vPOS (virtual point of sale) as part of the software development team in Hasselt, Belgium. As a programmer, Ruben is from an “embedded” background, but he is switching to object-oriented programming as part of his development role at CCV Lab. Ruben, how was your start at CCV?

Freedom and flexibility

“Nobody micro-manages you at CCV. There is a huge amount of trust, which creates a very relaxed working environment. The benefit of this is that you can really take the time to understand what’s going on. In previous roles, I’ve experienced some pressure to “stay productive” and not “waste time” on research and problem-solving, but at CCV I’m encouraged to build my knowledge and enhance my skills – whilst improving our products and services at the same time.”

Influence and ownership

“My colleagues trust me to have ownership over projects, and they empower me to think about future features. For example, I’ve been given early responsibility for a feature in our front-end application that allows merchants to record the history of all changes to their personal information. In the future we want to develop this functionality, like being able to revert the system back to earlier logs.”

A fun working environment

“I’d recommend CCV to everyone, because it’s such a fun working environment. Everybody is very enthusiastic, and creative innovation is always encouraged. And if I have something personal to handle, my team lead gives me the time and space to organise anything I need. As someone without the typical background for my role, I’ve been really impressed by the internal support – and the team’s willingness to explain things and get me up to speed. It is amazing to have a great and helpful team that always sticks together and with whom you can have a lot of fun as well.”

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