[Best practice] The CCV InSync C With “Virtual Coin” Software Solution

About the solution

  • CCV Insync C as a purely contactless one-device solution for installation in self service machines
  • Pulse interface for functionality as a “coin checker”
  • Adjustable basic amount, e.g. “€ 1,- ”, which can be scaled up = number of inserted coins
  • Use in guard boxes, massage chairs, solariums, shower cabins, laundromats, Kiddies Ride, electricity and water dispensing at campsites
  • Contactless payments with girocard, Apple Pay and Google Pay and contactless credit cards

Best Practice

Deployment at the Carfunkel Car Wash in Erding
Partner for installation in the self service machine:
RSE Elektroanlagen

Car washing – a very popular weekend activity! As washing on one’s own property is subject to restrictions, professional self-service car washes are a popular and regular destination for car owners.

On site, you need to have some coins ready or use the cash station.
The Carfunkel car wash in Erding now offers its customers the simple, fast and hygienic option of cashless, contactless payment. The CCV InSync C card reader with the special “virtual coin” configuration is installed in the machine from RSE Elektroanlagen.

In this variant, the CCV InSync C works without a cash register connection, as the amounts are already pre-configured: In the case of Carfunkel, they are €1 increments that correspond exactly to the physical insertion of a €1 coin.

The customer can scale these up directly on the CCV InSync C by pressing the arrow key. Via a pulse interface, the CCV InSync C passes on the amount – or in other words the number of virtual coins – to the self service machine. “The installation in the Carfunkel automatic pay stations went smoothly. Two big advantages of the CCV InSync C are its very small device cut-out and the fact that no further controlling module or cash register connection needs to be integrated. In addition, the CCV InSync C is a very reasonable invest,” sums up Mr Manfred Rösler, Managing Director of RSE Elektroanlagen. “We will integrate the CCV InSync C into further of our vending machines, then also in the “virtual coin” configuration.”

“Since September 2020 the daily business has been running very well and smoothly with the CCV InSync. Customers are happy to use the contactless payment option. The way it works is self-explanatory, we do not need any further instructions or explanations at the machine. We can also often observe payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. The contactless girocard is used most frequently,” explains Mr Franz Maier, Managing Director of Carfunkel. “We have already ordered CCV InSync C with the virtual coin for seven more locations.”

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