Best self-service: The CCV OPP-C60 “All-in-one” in the LateBird supermarket container

About the solution

  • The unattended OPP-C60 terminal with PIN entry, separate COR contactless reader and hybrid card reader
  • Integrated age verification via the girocard
  • PIN entry and contactless payment without PIN
  • CCV network operation in the background for all common payment types

Best Practice

Self-service payment in the LateBird supermarket container including age verification

The quick purchase at the kiosk or the weekly shopping at the supermarket is always preceded by a need for food, which is sometimes more or less acute, but always has to be planned depending on the time-limited opening hours of the markets.

Based on this fact, the founders of the start-up LateBird have developed a completely autonomous supermarket in the form of a container with a large assortment available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For the precisely measured space of 36 square metres, sophisticated cooling and storage systems were created with the help of vending machines to optimally store the up to 10,000 items in stock.

The customer can either already make his product selection via an app and simply pick it up on site or also select it directly in the container.

All touchpoints, both online and offline, have been carefully planned to create an optimal, autonomous shopping experience. The final payment process plays a special role at this point.

The CCV payment system OPP-C60 with PIN entry option, remote contactless reader and hybrid card reader exactly meets LateBird's requirements in terms of functionality. An age verification can be carried out via the card reading process, which is important for LateBird's wide range of products, which also includes tobacco products and alcohol.

The integration of the system happened in a very short time due to the established interfaces and the standardised cut-outs of the OPP components.

"LateBird's success will be based on close and trusting cooperation with strategic partners. In the area of payment terminals, we have found with and at CCV the support and assistance that a young company needs in order to be able to offer its own customers a reliable overall solution. We are very happy to have CCV on board as our strategic partner. ", says Alexander Burghardt, business manager of LateBird.

The cooperation is also optimised and efficient thanks to the CCV network operation as part of the overall package, so that LateBird can manage the entire payment area with just one contact.

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